Saber rattling is coming out of Iran again. They are promising to exterminate the Zionists and free the Palestinians. If these threats were not so serious, I would find this a brilliant stand up comedy routine. Why would I find the concept of threatened genocide hilarious? First of all, let’s revisit that platitude, “He who does not know history is condemned to repeat it.”

Let’s look at some history you might not be familiar with – especially if you’re a young person. I’m sure things like this are not taught in schools anywhere – except probably in Israel. In 1948 the British vacated the historic land that had been deeded by God to the Hebrew slaves as they exited Egypt, wandered in the desert for 40 years trying to figure out if God was bigger than the giants who inhabited the Promised Land, and then finally, under new management as Joshua took the reins from Moses, crossed over the Jordan River to their new home in Canaan. The Jews supernaturally had been given back control of the land they had been driven from two millennium previously – just as it had been foretold in the Bible. The world should have been astounded. And the Arab world should have been a bit leery as several countries massed troops and armaments along the border awaiting the pullout of the British. Ironically not only did the British not lift a finger to protect the fledgling nation, they actually imposed an arms import embargo which kept the Jews from preparing for the onslaught of several trained armies. In the world of sports comparisons – this matchup would have been the Bad News Bears vs the New York Yankees – and the Yankees were allowed to put their entire roster on the field at the same time. Are you getting the point that the odds against the Jews were insurmountable? Virtually impossible, to the point of being in the ballpark of the odds of life springing up spontaneously from chemical soup.   Then a repeat with the odds not quite as stacked in the Arabs’ favor in 1967. Same results. And again in 1973. Forty-two years have passed since that last real war. In that time frame, Israel has developed some revolutionary and bleeding edge technology, including in the area of warfare. They no longer are defenseless.

Can we use the “M” word here? Miracle. The only explanation for the advent of life is God. The only explanation for the victory of a bunch of rag tag freedom fighters against trained armies with exponentially superior weaponry. God is standing on His promises. And His prophets have foretold the attack upon Israel by Persia (Iran) and other countries in the end of days. Are the Iranians incapable of understanding history and of reading prophecy? Or are they pushed forward in their path toward destruction of their own country by demonic forces which override common sense?

We Americans who love Israel are upset because our seemingly also demonically influenced president and congress, have all but emailed Iran the blue prints for nuclear weapons in addition to adding to our unpayable national debt to bankroll the purchase of the raw materials Iran needs to complete their goal. All in God’s plan too? We need to remember: The American government is not Israel’s protector. God is. Let’s sit back and watch and pray as the greatest story ever told ever written unfolds its conclusion.

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