The Bible says in Amos that God does nothing at all unless He reveals his secrets to His servants, the prophets. Ironically, Amos was one of those prophets. Was this something that God told him, or was Amos adlibbing?  For those cessationists who consider that the gift of prophecy left the Earth along with the last of the original twelve Apostles, it doesn’t matter. They don’t heed the prophetic utterings of those born after John the Revelator shuffled off his mortal coil. In fact, they consider those who dare to speak in the name of the Lord as being blasphemers. That leads us to a very interesting situation with the US presidential election of 2020.

Several of those considered to be modern prophets by the Charismatics have said that the Lord spoke to them and revealed that Donald Trump would serve a second term. One of them, Kevin Zadai, said that he was in Heaven for five hours talking to Jesus about what was transpiring on the little blue planet named Earth. Another, Kat Kerr, claims to have visited Heaven thousands of times. Zadai’s pleas for the body of Christ to rise up in prayer and unity to defend our freedom prompted me to write and produce an emergency movie, entitled Hearts are Trump. I chose to believe his account and engaged in a sacrificial action as a result.

Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 election, but the prophets persist in their insistence that Trump is God’s man and that he will still prevail. Zadai prophesied (after I made my movie) that Trump would win and it would be decided in the Supreme Court. According to the polls, Biden was going to win in a landslide. A prediction in advance that Trump would win and the Supreme Court would be involved in the determination seemed highly unlikely. Yet here we stand on the precipice of the possibility of that very thing happening, despite main stream media’s reluctance to acknowledge such a possibility to their audience.  Victory is still going to require a Hail Mary miracle play, but the ball is close enough to the goal line that our quarterback can throw the ball all the way to the end zone, giving us hope for that miracle. And might I add that God has a flair for the dramatic? I do believe He is a master script writer and the plot of this story is amazing.

In the meantime, people, even some who believe in modern day prophecy, are questioning and doubting those prophets. Could they all be wrong? And if they are, what does that mean to the world of Christianity? And conversely, if they’re right, what impact will that have on the church and the schism that exists between the Charismatics and the cessationists? What impact will it have on the non believers or the CEO (Christmas Easter Only) Christians?

Personally when I read the Bible, I saw gloom and doom ahead. The word tribulation has thrown believers into a tizzy for a long time. I had resigned myself to the fact that our world was headed in a downward spiral from which the only salvation was the return of Jesus. I stake no claims of private conversations with deity or visitations with Heavenly beings in reaching that conclusion. I just read the word and watch the trends of the world. You might say that I’ve become a pessimist. I might use the term realist. The Christians in Communist countries could rightfully claim they have been going through a tribulation for a long time. Americans pretty much ignored the blight of our brothers and sisters in those nations. Perhaps we are supposed to endure the same persecution. The Bible says that those days will only be shortened for the sake of the very elect. I want to cry out to the Christian world to get tough and brace yourselves for the things to come. Draw near to God for His presence will be the only thing that will allow such life to be endured.

But the prophets speak of victory and joy and prosperity. Then Donald Trump, a man I didn’t even like, arises and appears to be a possible antidote to the evil around us and prophets proclaim him as God’s anointed. Optimism, buried within me, resurrected and I embraced the concept that God was actively working to preserve our freedom of religion. I want love and justice and righteousness to prevail in my lifetime. I want the prophets to be right. And if they are, those naysayers who have written off the gifts of the Holy Spirit need to take a long hard look at their theology. I tentatively abandoned the band wagon of gloom to soar on the wings of Hope. 

However if Joe Biden ascends to the White House, it appears that the judgment of God is upon us and the prophets, especially those who claim to have visited Heaven, have misled us. Our fate seems that we will become closet Christians or suffer persecution or worst of all, fall away. Could this election, and the apparent stealing of it by those who wish to enshrine abortion and sexual deviancy, trigger the great falling away that the Bible refers to? I only know for sure that my viewpoint of God and His plans for the world and its citizens has been influenced greatly by the prophetic people. They are the ones who have spoken both optimism and the need for spiritual warfare into our situation. Some have said they will apologize if they are wrong about this election. When someone says that God told them such a thing without any doubt and it does not come to pass, I cannot accept that they really hear from God. I’m afraid that an apology will never restore my faith in them. And once again I will try to brace myself to live in a desert like environment, where beauty is found only in isolated places and where evil has the upper hand. I truly pray that God does indeed rescue our country from the corruption around us, but if that is not going to be the case, I will wait for Heaven for God’s reign.

I might add that those churches which reject the gifts of the spirit seem to be drifting away from the plumb line established by scripture. Instead of standing firm for God’s principles, many churches are embracing the values of the world. As America seems poised on the brink of a civil war, Christianity itself and its many factions appear to be split into two main camps and ready to duke it out. Perhaps a Trump victory will allow some people (even non believers) to realize they’ve been duped and that God not only exists but speaks to his prophets and has a very narrow path for us to follow, just as Jesus said. Regardless of the winner, perhaps a revival will break out that will allow people to cast aside their personal prejudices and pride and become unified in the effort to bring God’s kingdom upon the earth.