I remember it vividly. I was stationed in the Los Angeles area as a missionary. A woman that I visited, tearfully told the story of her son being shot to death right on their front porch. This was the closest to crime I had ever been, especially a murder. The thing that disturbed me the most and scared her to death, was that the killer only got about eight years and that time was nearing its completion. She was afraid he would come back and get vengeance for her testifying against him. This was my first introduction to a judicial system outside of the textbooks and history books.

We often find criminals who have a rap sheet longer than their shorts getting off scott free or with minimum sentencing for crimes involving physical assault. Our prisons are teeming with convicts, and many that should occupy a cell, walk. But it seems that room can always be found for those people who cling to old fashioned notions of a Creator God who sent His Son to earth to die and to teach people to live. The latest example of that involves the Amish. Seems like they had a little disagreement in their ranks about cutting of hair and beards, and some people took it upon themselves to play the role of barber. For such heinous attacks, sixteen people are in jail or headed there. One sentence was fifteen years!!¬† Some women got seven years. And to add to the misery, they are not all being incarcerated in Ohio where they were arrested. Apparently Ohio outsourced some of the prisoners to distant states where relatives will never be able to visit. I’d like to issue a challenge to my Christian brothers who live near those prisons: Take the place of those family members¬†who will not be able to lend support to their loved ones behind bars.

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Our judicial system is so out of whack it scares me. The first thing that should be implemented is a penalty for ludicrous lawsuits. Anyone pressing suit against someone else for vendetta reasons should be liable to pay all lawyer fees and court fees involved. The judges still have to be prudent about not letting these frivolous suits succeed. When I read about the woman who sued an RV company because they didn’t specify in their user manual that if the driver set the cruise control on and went back to get a cup of coffee in the back, the vehicle would not steer itself. She was awarded an exorbitant amount of money. I think some judges need to be on the other side of the bench. The mark of an advanced civilization lies in the wisdom of those who wear the black robes. From all the signs, our civilization is in free fall decay. The opportunities for the rich and powerful to prey upon the poor and the weak are becoming more numerous each day as a result of misguided jurisprudence.