The proverbial “stuff” has hit the fan once again. Sports pundits, both professional and the armchair type, have come out of the woodwork after Tim Tebow signed a contract with the Jacksonville Jaquars to play tight end, a position he really has never played in his life. Athletic talking heads make good money to rant and rave about the events in the sporting world. They are usually showmen, catering to the sensational and reveling in the controversy they can stir up with their often off-the-wall and caustic comments. However I don’t get the feeling that those spouting vitriol in this situation are trying to improve their ratings. Their dislike for Mr. Tebow himself and his surprising opportunity appears to be more deep-seated and over-the-top than warranted, even by yellow journalism standards.  

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised to hear of Tebow’s return to football. Frankly, I was miffed that his career ended when it did. Yeah, I realize that he was not the pure thrower that NFL teams relish. However, must I point out that quarterbacks are not paid to throw perfectly tight spirals that break receiver’s fingers and to rack up pinball machine like stats with their completion numbers? Those things are definitely relevant statistics, but the bottom line is that quarterbacks are paid to lead their teams to victory, even if they don’t look pretty doing it. Won-loss records do not have style points assigned to them. Tim Tebow had a memorable stretch of games at Denver, winning six straight and making the playoffs, culminating in a long touchdown pass in overtime to win the first playoff game. In order to refresh my memory, I just went out on Youtube and watched a video chronicling that miracle season for the Broncos. I had forgotten how dramatic most of those victories had been. Wondrous enough that the M word might be mentioned: miracle.

Tebow seemed to be very mediocre or even inept for much of the first three quarters of those games, but then in the fourth quarter, and especially in the waning moments of the game, led his team to scores and victories. It was at that time the idea first entered my brain that God had raised Tebow up to testify to the world of His existence and power. I’m not sure Tim was the first, but others followed. LinSanity struck for one year but then faded away. Nick Foles, Benjamin Watson, Dabo Sweeney, Patrick Mahomes and others have followed. It seemed like a pattern that God would raise up a sports figure for a season and then the divine touch would seemingly lift and someone else would be chosen to be His spokesman on and off the athletic venues. Tebow’s popularity with believers has never waned because of his boldness for Christ. Although he was gone from the major stages of sport, his name never left the sports pages because of his work in television announcing and his attempt to establish a baseball career. Is it possible that Tebow Mania could return to the sporting world? The potential is certainly there. The day after he signed a contract, his new 85 Jaguar jersey became the best selling sports jersey on the market. What is obvious is that Tebow Derangement Syndrome is stronger than ever.

Many young quarterbacks are given time to hone their skills. Tebow was thrust onto the field perhaps before he was truly ready for the big stage. It was said that his greatest asset was his faith in himself. I think perhaps that assessment was off base. Could it be his trust was actually in the same God who enabled a young shepherd boy to bring down a giant with a sling and a stone? In a baffling to me move, the Broncos released Tebow after that miracle season. And his attempts to stick with another team didn’t pan out. Had God’s mantle been removed from him? I couldn’t understand it. Every team in the league has a backup quarterback (and usually two of them) whose main duty is holding the clipboard and signaling in plays or fake plays from the sideline. And being ready to enter a game at a moment’s notice if the first stringer went down. Many of them were guys who just didn’t have the right stuff to be a starting quarterback. And some of the quarterbacks that were starting also struggled to get their teams to the playoff. Tebow had shown he could do it – but he was dropped from the league. Why? Was it perhaps because he was a lightning rod for controversy? Was his habit of bowing one knee in the end zone and praying that distasteful to NFL fans, coaches, and owners? Frankly if anyone has a grasp on the nature of evil, that person will understand the depth of hatred of wickedness for goodness. When demons are confronted by the Spirit of God, they manifest. Is that what we witnessed?

We have just observed such an outpouring of loathing in the last five years with Donald Trump. I have analyzed that situation and see no rational reason for such intense hatred. DJT was a man who had no chance of becoming president. Yet he won the job and conducted the office in such a fashion that caused many people to think that God had to have been involved. But Trump was drummed out of the Oval Office, supposedly by voters who hated his guts, despite his efforts to make government about the people and the nation and not about abusing power to make personal fortunes and advancing dubious agendas. 

When the talk of Tebow potentially taking advantage of the hiring of his old college football coach by the Jacksonville Jaguars first hit the streets, the disdain appeared. After he actually signed a contract, the floodgates of criticism were opened up. People were incensed that he was getting a chance to make an NFL team because he doesn’t have the talent. He was just taking advantage of his white privilege. Bottom line, it was evident Tebow was not an accurate thrower on a consistent basis. But it was also evident that he was a football player. I defy you to watch the highlights of the 2011 season and tell me that he was not an athlete. He ran around and through many wannabe tacklers in his quest to take the Broncos to the playoffs. The idea that he could play tight end in the NFL seems ludicrous to his naysayers. He might get a rare chance to throw a pass, but he has to block and catch passes in order to play the position. Does he have the size? Yes. The athleticism? It appears so. Then why are people all bent out of shape just because he gets to report to camp and attempt to win a position? Are they jealous? Or is this a spirit of the age manifesting its hatred for one anointed by God?

Let me point out that while seemingly everyone in the sporting world who has access to a microphone has opined on this topic, one way or another, there is one who has remained silent. Tebow himself has not even broached the subject. His Twitter feed mentions nothing about sports in the recent weeks. His tweets involve scripture verses and the fight against sexual trafficking. Can’t the world just let this whole controversy play out on the football field? If Tebow is not good enough to help the Jaguars win, even the coach who has been like his father and who lives three houses from him will not retain him on the roster. End of story. There are countless numbers of wannabe NFL players who strut and fret their fifteen minutes on the NFL stage every year until the grim reaper visits their room and issues the pink slip. No one derides them for their attempt to play the game they love and to make a living at it. Why is Tebow being singled out for such abuse? It’s not natural. To perhaps give you some insight, let me quote someone, not sure who it was but it sounded a lot like Colin Cowherd. The voice on the video said, ” I rooted against Tebow to some degree because I was so sick of the faith based knuckleheads because they were ridiculous. They were blinded by his faith.”  

Now let me cause the frothing at the mouth to begin. I’m going to say something here that will cause knee jerk reactions on both sides of the controversy. I’ve already pointed out that Tebow and Trump both had seasons in the sun and that those times came and went. But what happens if Tebow not only makes the 53 man roster for the Jaguars, but catches touchdown passes, perhaps in waning moments to win games and helps the Jags go from a one win team to the playoffs? What if some of those plays he is involved in seem miraculous? Will the haters swallow their crow and wash it down with a bottle of pickle juice? I doubt it. They will probably redouble their efforts to discredit the young man who has done nothing to receive such treatment, except be the kind of Godly man that causes demons to gnash their teeth and shameful men to feel guilty because they fall short. And what if Donald Trump is proven to be the rightful winner of the 2020 election and reinstalled in the White House? Are these two men possibly on a parallel course, perhaps symbolic of the soon return of Jesus Christ to the earth for His comeback tour? I do have to mention the fact that Tebow is 33 years old, the same age that Jesus was when He went to the cross to rescue mankind from their sin. I’m not claiming that is of particular importance, but could it be possible that the Creator of the universe is also adept as writing the script for the greatest stories ever told and that Tebow and Trump both are shadows for what is to come? Just saying. Let him who has ears to hear, hear. Call me crazy, but perhaps you should wait until both situations play out before you utter something that will embarrass you.