Here’s a blurb from my book The Muted Trump triggered by a movement to muzzle some in the prophetic community because they embarrass others in that same community. That movement has now released their standards document. Read the lowdown on that here if you want to see what I am ranting against.

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   Let me commence this rant with a blurb from a web editorial on Politico dot com dealing with the Christian prophets’ involvement in the 2020 election and the division that has opened up within their ranks.

On February 8, Dr. Michael Brown and Brooklyn pastor Joseph Mattera began organizing secret monthly meetings over Zoom with a new confederation of 20 prophetic leaders, representing various streams of the movement across ethnic, racial and denominational lines. Their aim is to set up guidelines for public prophecies and requirements for accountability. One idea: The group could demand that anyone who wants its imprimatur needs to sign on to certain rules. Those who don’t “will be left out of our circles,” as Brown puts it.

Yet even Brown admits these measures will go only so far, given the extent to which the evangelical church has become entwined with Trump’s strain of politics. “How did we become so politicized?” he wonders. “How did so many of us end up with an almost a cult like devotion to a leader, compromise our ethics for a seat at the table and drape the Gospel in an American flag?

First of all let me express my admiration of Michael Brown. He takes on a lot of sensitive topics and deals with his many detractors with compassion and grace. He deftly applies logic when he presents his arguments. He is a brilliant man, obviously, since PhD diplomas do not come from Cracker Jack boxes. But I have to say in this situation that I believe he is wrong. As pretty much a lifetime apolitical person, I would certainly not want the church to get involved in politics. However I do want the church involved in government. For some reason, Dr. Brown ignored the distinction between the two. We did not choose to idolize or worship Trump. We clung to him as our candidate of destiny and promise and still cling to him because the opposition has become so deranged that it was clear that this election was not between Trump and Joe Biden/Kamala Harris. This main event featured in the white trunks, Good versus Evil, wearing the black shorts. Dr. Brown was not shy about pointing this out during the course of the election. He also pointed out the danger of putting Trump on a throne. He offered a voice of reason during a turbulent time.

I also publicly stated that some people had placed Trump in a position where he could not be criticized without those offering suggestions for improvement being attacked by his devotees. Teddy Roosevelt said this, “To announce that there must be no criticism of the president or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” Such license is not healthy. Perhaps so much fervor was stirred up by the relentless attacks by the opposition on our fearless leader that we gave the man too much latitude. The president got monkey-piled by his detractors, and perhaps we decided that he certainly didn’t need any more abuse from his supporters. Another man I have great respect for, Loren Sandford, ardently prayed that Trump would prevail but warned of the carelessness and disrespect of the President’s rhetoric dealing with people. Sandford is one of the prophets who apologized for his divine prediction that Trump was going to serve a second term. He and Brown both suffered verbal abuse at the hand of the Trump enthusiasts for waving a yellow flag. I understand why they are upset with those who abandoned the practice of grace and respectful dialogue toward other people, but it is not wise to condemn a righteous movement because some followers are excessively zealous. If the devil can’t get people moving in the wrong direction, he will try to push them to go too far on the right road. And that is what’s happened to some of those supporters of the forty-fifth president of the US.

Brown’s statement that we compromised our ethics so we can have a seat at the table totally baffles me.  I will say that it is clear some people went overboard and let their love grow cold because of the iniquity around them that we are attempting to defeat. The Bible warns us not to let that happen and reminds us that we fight not against flesh and blood. Dr. Brown’s premise that we draped the gospel in the American flag might have some validity, but perhaps God doesn’t mind. The prophets’ edict that Trump had been chosen by God for the job of president is what triggered me into embracing a political showdown with the progressive agenda. This seems to be a divine mission for America, which is represented by its flag. It is written that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, in addition to offering himself as the Passover Lamb. With a Trump loss, the works of the devil are going forth almost unimpeded after just one month of the new Democratic regime. I can’t bring myself to believe that is the will of God.

Hopefully I got the point across that I think Brown has gone too far in condemning Christians’ involvement in the political fight to preserve our freedoms, especially religious in nature. Now let’s discuss the movement to put prophets (and thus God) in a box. I just watched a movie about the life of John Wesley. One of the salient scenes in that flick portrays Wesley preaching in a town where the powers that be didn’t want him meddling. He was ordered not to preach by a high ranking official in the Church of England, perhaps a bishop. Wesley was told he didn’t have permission to preach in that community because he was not commissioned by the Church of England. I was appalled. How could people who claim to be disciples of the carpenter of Nazareth forbid someone to talk about the Savior just because they weren’t official representatives of a denomination? I’m afraid my answer to that would be that they perhaps were disciples of the denomination and not of Christ. In any case, I see a corollary there to this situation that Dr. Brown suggests with an attempted ostracizing of those prophets who color outside the perceived lines.

It is quite clear that not every believer in Christ believes that prophets still inhabit the earth and speak the word of God today. To them, this type of discussion would be like arguing over which can run faster, Sasquatch or the Easter Bunny.   However to us folks that believe that God still chooses people to be His mouthpiece today, this is very serious business. Are Michael Brown and his cohorts overstepping their authority? Let me make one thing perfectly clear. In the past governmental authorities stepped in to halt what they perceived as blasphemy. John Calvin even sentenced one of his friends to death for having differing opinions about the gospel.  Today in our world of religious freedom, outside of vigilante action and denominational control, no one has the authority to punish someone for preaching, teaching, or prophesying falsehoods. It is obviously that some people are guilty since diametrically opposed truths have been presented. Not all can be right. God is the one who will judge and punish the actions and words of those people. However we have to decide what we will believe and we are perfectly free to accept or reject any of these ideas. We also have the freedom to express conflicting opinions.

Hearing of a clique of elites forming their own prophetic Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval committee does not benefit my blood pressure. Brown claims that the prophets who cling to the words they claim to have received from God about Trump’s reelection need to humble themselves. Seems to me that someone who sets himself up as the judge of words uttered by prophets suffers no dearth of self-confidence, and might even be accused of arrogance. How much will he and the other members of the Committee of Prophetic Safety humble themselves if they find President Trump returning to the Oval Office in the near future? Will those who apologized for their false predictions apologize for their apologies? Let’s face the facts, folks. God is sovereign. If He wants to do things in ways that are out of the norm, who are we to criticize His methods? If God gives a prophet a word, he is required to speak it, no matter what human beings opine about it. The Bible tells us that His ways are not our ways and His ways are higher. Right now we have a situation where one group of prophets sticks to their guns and is considered foolish and proud and a threat to the reputation of the church and its Chief Cornerstone. On the other hand, some in that beleaguered group consider their counterparts who recanted their prophecies to be cowards and lacking in the faith that God can part the Red Sea and deliver the world from the pursuing chariots of evil. This is a distressing situation to say the least. Those still trusting that our Creator is working in this situation to restore his chosen David seem to be a bit more tolerant of their detractors. If God does bring their prophecies to pass, will they form their own committee to approve or disapprove of future prophecies from other people? Highly unlikely. They are just determined to stand behind this communication they have received. Prophets are not supposed to diligently study society and issue predictions based upon trends and hashtags. They are commissioned to give us the direct word of God, nothing more and nothing less. If they declare falsely, then we have the freedom to stop believing them. I don’t believe that they need to be officially sanctioned by a self appointed group of trustees who believe that outlandish prophecies bring reproach to the church and to our Lord. My personal take is that after the reproach inflicted by trusted men such as Ravi Zacharias and others involved in sex scandals, the church’s eyes are already blackened sufficiently so that a few more blows won’t inflict any more damage.

My final assessment of the effort to make the prophetic movement respectable and respectful is that it won’t be necessary. If the prophets who believe that the Bride of Christ is Esther in the story of Purim, Haman is the Democratic party, Trump is Mordecai, and Haman shall soon be hanged upon the gallows that he built are wrong, then the Democratic demolition of the true church will continue at a frenetic pace. Those who refuse to bow down to the altar of the LGBTQ movement and abortion will be silenced. Dr. Brown, and others who publicly spoke out, including myself, will be in great peril because of their crusade against the ideals set forth by the people of the rainbow. We will either be placed in prison, executed (perhaps by a mob), or intimidated into recanting our former positions. I truly pray the latter will not occur. Prophets, like the rest of the church that will resist the world forcing us to let men use the women’s restroom in the church, and other vile legislation, will have to go underground or suffer the same fate as those who have already been declared enemies of the Brave New World. So it seems to me that Brown and others should be rooting big time for the prophecies of Hank Kunneman, Donna Rigney, Kat Kerr, Robin Bullock, Chris Yoon, Timothy Dixon, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Jeff Jansen, Johnny Enlow, Manuel Johnson, Wanda Alger, Nathan French, and others to come true. Perhaps the best voice to listen to is Mario Murillo, who did not prophesy a Trump victory, but stands firmly on the side of the prophets who not only have not denied their prophecies but have doubled down on them, despite being pressured to “play nice and quit embarrassing the church.”

Am I saying that Brown and his committee should be censored? Absolutely not. I’m just saying I don’t think it is a good idea. Every man has to decide for himself what God has called him to do and to say. If Brown feels God is leading him in this direction, then he should throw himself into it. I can respect a man who lives out what his conscience dictates. I just ask that the same respect be shown to those who see a call to duty to say that Eli is coming to blow His Trumpet. The eyes of the world are now resting on the prophets and if God does move as prophesied to expose corruption and restore the duly elected president of the US, the world will definitely take notice. And many will eat cake with Kat Kerr, and some will eat crow with the prophets who backpedaled. If the prophecies fail to come to pass, I will be battening down the hatches to prepare for a tribulation that was prophesied a long time ago. And I’ll not pay attention to any subsequent prophecies from either side of this division.