In the middle of August, as I watched an episode of the Sid Roth show It’s Supernatural, my world was rocked.  Little did I suspect that my lifestyle would be turned upside down as a result of that interview Sid did with Kevin Zadai. The notion that I needed to make a movie about this dominated my brain waves. I looked at the calendar. There were only about 70 days until the presidential election, the most important one in American History in my estimation. It seemed that a movie on this topic would have an expiration date that was rapidly approaching. Most movie scripts require more than 70 days to compose.  Then it takes a considerable amount of time to complete preproduction tasks such as finding a cast, locations, and a crew to shoot the movie. And then there is the editing process after the movie shoots. That often takes more than seventy days to complete.  It was insane to even consider making the movie that seemed to have been birthed within me. I realize that what is impossible for man is possible for God, and I felt compelled to start this journey.   I sat down at my computer and banged out a script in four days.  I sent it to my business partner and he liked it. He said he could find an investor, so I began preparations for a shoot starting with a schedule and finding a crew. A week later after negotiations had already been held with a director of photography, we found out that the investor wanted a guaranteed return on his money. That was a show stopper as far as getting money pumped into this project. I was at a crossroads. My resolve had been never to risk money on a film again. I actually had a family friendly film about pickleball that I wanted to shoot very badly and would have ventured in the shark infested financial waters of filmmaking, but it just seemed right that I spend my money doing what I could to defend the things I hold dear. I made the decision to pick up the check for this iffy, controversial, and expensive spiritual/political smorgasbord.

            I did realize that the political nature of my script was going to be an obstacle to accomplishing that mission. I underestimated how difficult it would be. Eight people who pledged to take part in this production backed out, two of them within 5 days before the shoot. The sound engineer gave me about ten days to find a replacement. I was frustrated beyond measure and considered dumping this venture to get back to normal life many times. However that compulsion that launched me on the journey had not waned. I felt that this was something I had to do. It was also something I knew I could not bring to fruition without God’s help.  We scheduled a six day shoot. The crew, who did not know me, seemed very skeptical we could pull it off in six days. Despite a few setbacks during those six days, we ended right on schedule and actually had time a couple of days to have shot the only scene we did on the 6th day and finished in five. But there was one more huge problem that popped up. In order to get this movie out before the election, my business partner was scheduled to be on site and editing footage as we shot more. And then after the shoot, he and I were going to blitzkrieg the task with him doing the technical stuff and me providing support with quality assurance etctera.  The day we began shooting, his alarm woke him up at 4:30 in order to make the trip to Tennessee to start his work. He was unable to see a thing. After getting to a doctor, he was told he had pink eye. So the entire week went by without his presence. Then the doctor determined he had something else and started on a new round of medications. He is still sick from all the chemicals they’ve pumped into him as I write this. He was only able to edit one scene of the movie. Luckily I had commandeered my long time editor Don Stafford to assist in this process. He became the lead editor. I found another volunteer editor on Facebook, Mel Sigrist, who introduced me to a wonderful free open source editor. I began to attempt to edit and found that with this software and the nature of the footage we shot, I was able to put the scenes together. So the three of us edited the entire film in one week. The miracle continues to unfold.

            By the time this film releases, hopefully by October 9, there will be less than a month until voters go to the polls. Time for the last miracle we need. Having this movie discovered and embraced by people who care enough about our country and the gospel to share the word with others is critical. I’ve run the good race getting making this available. I’m now passing off the baton to those whom God will lead to grab it. This marathon of misery will be worth every bit of sacrifice if we can unify the body of Christ together to preserve our freedom of religion and liberty to worship God in the way we believe to be most pleasing to Him.

            The movie is available for rental or purchase at I will try to get it into other venues but with the current censorship going on, this flic might be banned in Boston. I know there will be obstacles, but I expect the Lord to clear them out of the way as each other problem along the path has been resolved through determination, grit and faith. For those who prefer having a DVD in hand, I will take orders for them and burn the DVD’s myself and send them out, but they will be basically no frills packages.  If we have enough demand for them, I’ll order some fancy packages from a disk duplicator. I had figured this movie would be of no interest after the election, but in retrospect I see that the names might change, but the fight against evil will continue until we hear that final trumpet sound. Hopefully this movie will have a role in that conflict.

I did not go into detail on everything that went on to bring this movie to fruition, but suffice it to say, I have material for a new movie from this experience.  If that film ever gets made, then, as Paul Harvey said so memorably, you’ll have the rest of the story.