I just had a crazy thought. We are seeing automated checkout machines proliferate at grocery and department stores. Personally I hate to see that because I know that jobs are being eliminated, jobs that are held by people that don’t have qualifications for more lucrative and glamorous positions. I can’t help but think it will have a detrimental effect upon our society in the long run. I’ve even pondered calling for a boycott of all stores that employee these computer clerks.

There is one aspect of our society where such an automated device would make a lot of sense. Our culture seems to be dominated by attorneys. It seems that nothing can be accomplished without them, and that is not a good thing. High profile criminals walk because of their slick talking lawyers, and innocent people get punished because they don’t have the funds to hire the shyster type representation. And the prosecution relentlessly attacks the low hanging fruit out of frustration of never being able to nail the professional law breakers. I have a joke that reveals to you my feeling about attorneys. What’s black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?  The answer is: a Doberman Pinscher.  Enough said. Well, having said that, let me modify my position slightly. There are some fine and altruistic lawyers are there. Some that do pro bono work for clients who can’t afford to buy justice. My cap is off to them.  Look at Matt Damon’s character in the movie The Rainmaker to see what I’m talking about. And look at his opposition in that flick led by Jon Voight to see the other side of the coin.

And what do lawyers do when they grow up? They become judges. In a way that makes sense because to be a judge one must know the law. However is it possible that our law has become way too complicated? Could a judge get by in a simpler society by just possessing wisdom and modicum of knowledge concerning statues? The problem with judges is that they wield a great deal of power. They determine the course of people’s lives. And what is to prevent them from doing so in a manner that benefits themselves? I have a second hand story from a woman whose children were taken away by a judge who happens to be a friend of her ex-husband, a police officer. The stories she revealed make my blood chill. Unfortunately I have no idea how to rectify her particular situation. I do have a solution that would eliminate bribes and “good old boy partiality” to and from the people in the black robes.

How about installing automated judges? Evidence would be scanned in and the judge would weigh all the evidence through its access to databases and algorithms to come up with the verdict? No politics or hanky panky involved. Just the facts ma’am justice. What do you think?

Of course some elements might try to buy the machines from Dominion and get the software from Smartmatic. That would mess up my whole idea. I guess justice will never prevail on earth until Jesus comes back.