In case you are unaware of it, there is a big argument going on between Christians right now. Well, that’s nothing new, but this particular dispute is certainly unique. A gaggle of prophets issued decrees that God told them that Donald Trump was going to win the election. When the Electoral College votes were confirmed, some prophets apologized for being wrong. They received some condemnation for waffling. When Biden was inaugurated, other people started pointing fingers at the prophets who said that God was still waiting in the wings for His cue and in the meantime was letting all of the evil expose itself. Some of those unwavering prophets indicated that the spokesmen/women of God who had abandoned their previous claims were perhaps without faith to the point that their ministries would be diminished as a result. And then there were people who rushed to cuss out and even issue death threats against the prophets who punted on 3rd down. I suspect that those sending nasty hateful notes to the people of God are not truly children of the King. He who hates his brother does not truly know the Lord, according to scripture. The latest development is that some people think the prophets who still cling to the notion that God is going to swoop in and restore Trump to the presidency need to get some kind of official rebuke from the prophetic community in order to keep the prophetic arena pure. There is a crisis here. I have a personal problem with this because people on both sides have been my heroes. I don’t want to see these people fighting with each other, and I don’t want to see my respect and admiration for people to wane because of their words and actions. I realize that we cannot put our total trust in people, but it is nice to have role models who can strengthen our testimony through their own.

In the struggle between Charismatic Christianity and cessationist Christianity, things are very explainable. Cessationists don’t really believe that God is putting Himself into the equation whereas the Charismatics vehemently insist that God speaks to them. If they’re right, then there is a logical explanation for the division. And when both sides state something that is diametrically opposite, it’s a safe bet to go with the answer that comes directly from God.  That’s been my theory any way. However when two groups of Charismatic prophets have conflicting views, how do you reconcile that situation? Both can’t be hearing from God.

My first inclination is to send them all a pink slip and go back to believing in a God who intervenes very little into our world situations. But something (perhaps hope that springs eternal in the human breast) causes me to pause. Do I or we have to move forward at this point? Is it possible that we just all suppress our personal opinions, put our fingers back in their holster, and follow the admonition of 1 Samuel 12:16? “Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes! If God is simply biding his time for one reason or another to act on our behalf, then those who try to censor the prophetic voices that cling to their claim that God has spoken to them will cause great damage to their own credibility when God’s hand is revealed. I’d certainly want to err on the side of faith if I’m going to be mistaken. I’ve chosen to keep hoping and believing until the end of April. At that point I’ll have to decide what course of action to take. What I do know is that among the cacophony of diverse opinions in our world, we really need to hear the opinion that matters most, that from the Father himself. And who is to deliver that voice if not prophets?