Here’s an excerpt from my book Hearts are Trump:

Gary nodded. “OK. Tough question here for you, Wade. You’ve been on the Trump bandwagon for about four years. What happens to our country if he loses? Give me a list of at least five.”

“Why don’t you put me on the spot?”

Gary grinned. “I thought I just did.”

Wade laughed. “Wow! That question calls for me to cast aside all the optimism and positivism you just tried to instill in me. Well first of all, I don’t think there is any doubt that if the democrats take control that everything Trump has done that can be undone will be. Number one: the wall that has been constructed so far will be torn down. People will flood into America until they discover that America is not the paradise they had thought it was in the past. Number two: the conservative judges who have been appointed will be replaced with liberal ones wherever possible. Number three: Relations with Iran and China and North Korea will be transformed as the new administration takes us to the brink of becoming one of the rogue nations in the world. Number four: Abortions will be totally tax payer funded and easier to get than an honest lawyer. And five: Homosexuals will not only have equality status in our society but will receive benefits beyond what normal people get. Any organization or church that fails to hire a candidate professing homosexuality will be hit with a lawsuit for discrimination and forced to hire that person. Churches who preach that homosexuality is a sin will be boarded up and pastors imprisoned for hate speech crimes.”

“That didn’t seem so hard to list,” Gary said.

“Really. And I’m not done yet. “Six: The war against drugs will end in and many drugs will become legal. Seven: Voices such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones of Infowars, Mike Adams of Natural News and those who rail against liberal policies will be silenced, one way or another. The mantra will be that the only good dissenter is a dead dissenter. Our first amendment rights of free speech will only apply if we condone all policies of the current administration. Where am I?”

“That was number seven.”

“Thank you. Eight: Euthanasia will become commonplace and it may be applied in situations where the government deems someone a threat to them. It might very well be applied to senior citizens who no longer offer society anything tangible and are drains upon the public coffers. Nine: Gun control will be a big push by the government, to the point of setting up people to utter Patrick Henry’s words of ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ as they have shootouts with officers of the government. Ten: the local police staffs such as the Sheriff’s Department will be replaced by national police. Eleven: Many people who have committed real crimes will be released from prison and their beds taken up by political prisoners. The crime rate will skyrocket throughout the country as law and order become about as emphasized as chastity before marriage. Twelve: rape laws will be loosened to the point that the crime is rarely prosecuted. Thirteen: Sexual contact with minors will be allowed and the rape situation will come into play in this arena as well. Fourteen: Openly confessing Christians will be disqualified from certain arenas such as strategic jobs or schools. Fifteen: Homeschooling will be outlawed and parents who resist will have their children taken away from them and raised by the state or given to a good family who will send them to the government brainwashing school. The same will happen to parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.”

“Holy Cow. I’ve unleashed a monster.”

Shawn shook his head. “I don’t think this is a matter for attempting humor. I think he’s right on most of these and they are downright scary.”

Wade nodded. “And I’m still not done. Sixteen: judges, even Supreme Court justices will mysteriously die, perhaps to be diagnosed as suicides, allowing them to be replaced with those loyal to the liberal cause. Seventeen: Seniors who fail to give lip service to the government’s programs will have their social security payments suspended. Eighteen: People who report suspicious activity by their neighbors will be rewarded by the government if that activity is deemed to be anti-government. Nineteen: Some private properties will be taken over by people who have proven to be loyal to the government through court actions. Our landscape will resemble the south during reconstruction with the carpetbaggers and scalawags. Twenty: Marriage will become a discounted practice and people will be encouraged to have open relationships with partners of both sexes. Twenty-one: the Bible will be banned or revised to take out all offensive passages. And twenty-two: Freedom in America will become basically a word that has come to have no meaning at all. There you go. You happy?”

Gary sighed. “I kind of wish I hadn’t popped the question.”

Wade shrugged. “I know that sounds a bit paranoid and hopefully it is way over the top, but I can certainly see much of it happening, although I would predict it would be a slow moving process with the frog-in-hot-water technique applied so that none of it appears to be so jarring as to scare people into taking action to halt the progress. Probably all of it wouldn’t happen in the next four years, but the foundation will be laid for everything that is not accomplished in that time frame.”