Politicians and media pundits have called for the deprogramming of Trump supporters, as if they constitute some kind of cult. That word has actually been dropped into the conversation. Are you freaking kidding me? Do those people truly believe that Donald Trump entered stage right and began to blow his magic flute and mesmerized people into following him down the devious path of conservatism? Earth to Liberals. Donald Trump did not create patriotism nor values based on the Bible. Those pillars have been the norm in this nation for over 200 years. People have embraced the liberty of free speech, the right to own weapons and to protect their own lives and property, and the idea of loving our country for a long time before Trump entered the picture. Somewhere along the line the Democratic Party seems to have deserted such ideals, unless they are the recipients given those rights and that their version of love for America is the one accepted. Make no mistake about it, the left will have their freedom of speech to belittle and marginalize those who honor God’s blueprints for human life. They will have armed guards to protect them after they take away the guns of the citizenry. My guess is that such a snatch of arms will not be a shotgun operation (pardon the pun) but instead laser focused to remove just the weapons of those who show an inclination or even a tolerance toward conservative beliefs.

We’ve seen some major cities run by Democrats state they were not going to prosecute people for committing certain crimes. They are going soft on real crime, but I can assure you that any violation of what they consider hate speech will be vigorously punished. So woe unto those who try to fight the homosexual/transgender agenda or abortion. These liberal politicians have championed the cause of legalizing drugs. It appears to me that they’ve been using the products and the infernal chemicals have destroyed their brains. Even the Scarecrow in the wizard of Oz had more brains before the Wizard arrived on the scene. One can only wonder how can such a radical departure from human and American mores have occurred, and so quickly? There is only one explanation, although most will reject it out of hand.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. Never in my life have I seen such frothing at the mouth by people of supposed intelligence and of influence when they trash Trump. And their rhetoric points accusatory fingers at President 45 for everything he says or does, no matter how virtuous or innocent.  When I see and hear the vitriol that pours out of their mouths, it reminds me very much of how the demons manifested when Jesus approached their victims. My friends, this political warfare we have experienced is actually spiritual in nature. I might go out on a limb and say this is the warm up for the final war between good and evil.

What I’m wondering is what the media will do when Trump is no longer around to kick to the curb. What is CNN going to do to fill up the airwaves? I know much of the bandwidth will be spent in praising the democratic regime, but there will be a void in their lives if they don’t have someone to bash. Here’s my guess on that. If they were to attack quote unquote Christians, then those Christians who support abortion and homosexuality, etc, would be lumped in. To avoid painting them with the same brush, the bad Christians can be labeled as Trumpists or Trumpsters so they can be lampooned without restraint. And so we who embrace fundamentalist Christian values will become the new face of Trump and become the whipping boys of the mainstream media. Fasten your seatbelts, my friends. My advice to you is to not let your love grow cold despite the iniquity that will soon engulf us. The Bible did tell us the world would hate us and that we would walk the path of tribulation, even if we were not born in the era of the Great Tribulation.