Almost two weeks ago a group of people stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC and caused a bit of a ruckus. Condemnation poured in on both sides, liberal and conservative.  FBI agents are proactively seeking to arrest every one that was involved and seem hell bent on prosecuting to the max. There seems to be some proof that this so called riot was a brainchild of the left in order to give them ammunition to point fingers at the right and give them reason to impeach President Trump once again. I don’t know about that, but it does seem to be part of their MO. Obviously, many of the people participating were Patriots, but were they perhaps egged on by members of Antifa or BLM? Mob mentality is not a good thing. And when an emotional situation, such as where people have been frustrated by the lack of governmental response to a potentially rigged election, individuals sometimes do things they normally would not do. And on the other hand, we have plenty of rednecks supporting Trump who don’t have any sensitivity against violence. Frankly it was not a good situation. BUT.

            Let’s examine the situation more closely. If China (and perhaps other nations) was/were involved in stealing this election, that would be an act of war. And if Americans were involved in election fraud, they would be perhaps guilty of treason. For Americans to accept those results in the pacifist and peaceful manner that we have pretty much always done in our history would be exactly what the enemy (internally and externally) wants us to do.  In other words, they would be taking advantage of our reticence to commit mayhem to grab control of our government.

            Let me state that I hate violence. I have never even been in a fist fight in my 71 years on planet Earth. What little fighting I do is with my computer keyboard when I fight for truth using words. However, I have to admit that without violence, America would not have won their independence from England back in 1776-1783. There were Americans who condemned the hooligans who pulled off the Boston Tea Party. Many Americans stood with the British and in some cases aided them by spying etcetera. Those Tories were not treated very kindly by the patriots when the war was over. The decision the Colonists made to demand that King George let his people go did not come lightly. It can be argued that America still would have been granted their independence in the same manner as Canada and Australia and other colonies of England. Perhaps, but it is also possible that our action set the precedent for those other emancipations.   

            I find it ironic that millions of our citizens have donned uniforms to go off to war, including in Vietnam where the threat to our freedom was not exactly clear cut. The true foe in that war was China. Ditto for the Korean war. Now we find ourselves in a position where those who are truly woke and see the incursions of the dragon into our society, to pull it down from within instead of by direct force, are labeled terrorists and those who accept that the election was without fraud and foreign intervention can brag about being patriots.  

Violence is not what we Americans normally do. And neither do we threaten and even punish people because they have supported a certain political candidate. The Dems have said they want unity. But from the comments made by media and some politicians, what they seek is total subservience. It will be their way or the highway. Trump supporters will be deprogrammed or else. What do you suppose the “or else” would entail? Could it possibly be violence?  

Here’s my dilemma. I don’t want to kill anybody. I abhor the thought of blood running in our streets. I truly do. I also do not want to see my government run by communists hell bent on bringing hell on earth to anyone who believes in a deity outside the communist party. We Christians often tout that God enabled America to break away from England so that all might have religious freedom. I totally can see that. The American military might was puny in comparison with that of the redcoats, who augmented their forces with Hessian mercenaries. Yet the colonists were able to defeat the British in the revolutionary war. Would those who froze at Valley Forge or were strafed by German machine gun fire on Omaha Beach, or gave their life at Iwo Jima look down upon us in favor if we allowed the torch of freedom to be extinguished in America because we were afraid? Would even God be pleased if He indeed did orchestrate the battle victories in the 1776 era?  Sounds like He would want us to fight again to keep that freedom.

On the other hand, when Jesus came to earth, he showed no inclination of disturbing the powers that were at the time, the Romans. The early Christians in the Roman Empire suffered from persecution and were belittled by Roman society. Perhaps that pacifist stance is intended for us as well-and not armed resistance. Tyrants are rarely stopped by goodness, unfortunately. I would hazard a guess that life under totalitarian rule such as we see in China is much worse than the life the colonists faced. I sincerely hope Americans never find out if that is true or not.  Every American, especially those in the military or police forces must face the big question, to be or not to be … free.  And no doubt the most difficult choice will be for those in the military who are ordered to fire on people who are fighting for the same cause that has historically been the responsibility of the military – liberty and justice for all. These truly are the times that try men’s souls.