A couple of years ago I made a new friend on the internet. My new acquaintance was a woman pastor from the United Kingdom. I perused her page and found a story about a friend of hers. The tale was absolutely fascinating. Her friend, Teresa Griffith Hurlbert, had left an abusive marriage and started a ministry of music. On the way she overcame some serious health issues and emerged as a healthy servant of the Lord.  I followed a link to the Sid Roth show where I watched Theresa perform on her flute and sing. She has an anointing of prophecy and healing. I was hooked. I visited their website and downloaded two of their albums. I spent the next several weeks listening to those CD’s over and over. It was great music to work to since I do mental work and having words sometimes interferes with my thought processes (especially since I like to sing along). To put it succinctly, I really like this music. In fact, I was so impressed that I included references to Theresa’s work in two of my novels. I’m about to make that three with my newest book.

I suggest that you visit their website at and sample the wares. And if you like it, tell all of your friends about this. You can find much more information about their ministry at their beautiful website.