The other day I saw a story on the internet that a 13-year-old boy with cancer was going to be forced to take chemotherapy despite his desire to seek alternative treatment. I was appalled.  I realize our freedoms are slipping away from us one by one in this country, but this was really scary. Since when does a doctor have authority over a person’s freedom?  If I have a severe pain and a doctor wants me to take morphine, despite my refusal to take habit forming drugs, will Joe Judge overrule my personal choices? How about anti-depressant drugs?  Need I go down the line? It seems that big business spearheaded by the drug companies and medical doctors have done a very good job of shutting up the small voices in the wilderness crying out that there is a better way, Believing in natural cures instead of synthesized drugs is analogous to believing in creation instead of evolution in the current scene.  When will the government take away children if they teach them that God created them? It might not be far off. See my next article on atheism for more on this topic.

Here is a link to a story along with a commentary video about the young lad whose family pleaded religious grounds for abstaining from chemo.  www.naturalnews.com/026283.html You can get all the details yourself.
Here’s another:  jonathanturley.org/2009/05/16/court-overrules-parents-in-religious-refusal-of-chemotherapy-for-13-year-old-boy/

I had this discussion with a woman who has worked in hospitals. She has done quite a bit of research. She knew of a doctor who came up with a treatment for cancer that came from bicarbonate of soda and cost fifteen cents a dose.  You can guess how well that cure would sit with people whose mansions and yachts are purchased by sick people in need of medical treatment. That would be like the oilmen hearing of a guy making fuel out of water.  There is a rumor that someone did come up with such a process, and they promptly disappeared.  I’ll always wonder if that story is true. I will be researching the bicarbonate of soda story.

I have decided that I would not undergo chemotherapy if I were ever told I had cancer. I truly believe that God has supplied all the things on earth that will counteract all of the bad things on earth. If the scientists spent time searching for ways that natural occurring substances can halt the spread of or cure a disease, I think we’d have better results. For example: Just the other day scientists discovered that a liquid emitted by a special coral in the red sea can cure skin cancer.
Chemo and radiation kill healthy cells.  The best way to fight illness is with our natural immune systems that God provided. We need to be at optimum health to fight off an invader.  Researchers need to find a way to target the trouble cells only. Think of an under the skin special forces unit. Perhaps there is some element in nature that will do that trick without man altering cells through bio technology.

If this report is accurate, it says much more than I could ever say. This document explains how 75% of doctors would not use chemotherapy on their own bodies.  www.scribd.com/doc/14150181/Why-Doctors-Do-Not-Take-Chemo
There are a lot of people today touting the power of natural cures. Of course, not all of them will be reliable. Joan and Lydia Wilen have a popular book filled with natural remedies. Kevin Trudeau is a bright guy who’s fought a crusade against the federal drug bureaucracy and the big drug companies. He has a couple of books dealing with natural cures and the efforts of some parties to suppress them. Here is a link where you can read part of one of them. books.google.com/books