A couple of weeks ago a beautiful and gracious young lady, poised on the edge of being named Miss USA was asked what her belief was concerning the legalization of same sex marriages in America. She actually deflected the question with some evasive apologetic statements before indicating she believed that marriage should be between one man and one woman. The judge who asked the question said if this young lady had won, he would have run up on the stage and ripped the tiara from her head. And he cursed and called her names on his internet blog. This scene should have caused an outrage, right? Well it did but not the way it would have gone down in the era when we were leaving it to Beaver. The young lady’s character has been questioned now, not only by this judge, but by members of the media and members of the Miss California association. All this brouhaha has erupted because her opinion is not politically correct. I have to question whether having a judge ask such a question should be considered politically correct. Is it OK for a judge to grind an axe and push an agenda when performing the duties of a panelist to determine the Miss USA representative? Obviously it’s not ethically correct for him to attack her after the fact. He was supposed to be an impartial judge. Obviously that was not the case. He asked his loaded question, trapped her into revealing her character flaw of being a Bible believing Christian, and prevented her from winning the crown. Yet that wasn’t enough. He had to make a personal attack on her. His statement on an interview was that he gave her room to wiggle out but she chose to bring her politics and her religion into it. Hello, how can you avoid doing that when you asked a political oriented question with religious overtones and ask for the person’s opinion? And now people are questioning her character and not his? Has all sense of common decency been lost on the American populace? What comes next in this saga of American life? Will heterosexual women be barred from winning the crown in the near future. Will the Heisman trophy voters ask Florida quarterback Tim Tebow if he supports same sex marriages next year so they can preclude him from picking up a second Heisman trophy? Perhaps employers can add a question to job applications to filter out all the undesirables who believe that God made Adam and Eve with special hormones, body fluids, and complimentary parts that enhance pleasure in order to procreate. In the book What Darwin Didn’t Know, author Geoffrey Smith takes the reader through the whole complicated reproduction system. Fascinating reading. There is no logical way that process could evolve. God created us for procreation to multiply and populate the earth in addition to learning what it is like to have children so we can relate to a Heavenly Father.. Internet headlines mention the scandal at the Miss USA pageant and wonder if Miss California made a mistake. Ironically, ask someone the name of the winner of the pageant, and they probably won’t be able to provide the answer. Ask the name of Miss California, the beautiful girl with intestinal fortitude to match, and many will be able to identify Carrie Prejean. If you GOogle her name, you’ll find two million hits! I have to wonder how can it be considered scandalous to believe that a marriage should be between two people who are capable of producing offspring? I’ll delve into this topic again in more depth later, but this article was a tribute to Miss Prejean and her grace and poise in standing her ground and holding firm to her beliefs. How I long for the day when PC referred to my computer. For more on this topic including the original film clip, here’s a link to a video with Bill O’Reilly on the topic:  Carrie Prejean Video