Thank you for reading this blog entry! This is the fourteenth post on the blog tour. If you are new to the tour, welcome! If you read the first blog entry and stayed around for the last two weeks, thank you for following the tour! A great deal has happened during the last fortnight. The price for Forever Friends finally showed up on at an amazing $9.99! I received the first review from Apex Reviews. The book is about to be featured on Internet Book Database with a chance to win a signed copy and the £9.99 price tag on has been removed! I wonder what next week will bring?

On Lynn Johnston’s blog, I talked about the poems in the anthology and today I would like to say a little about the short stories in Forever Friends. When I set the submission guidelines for the anthology, I asked contributors to submit works of fiction between two thousand and four thousand words. From the submissions, it soon became apparent that I would have to make the guidelines less rigid and allow contributors to submit non-fiction stories as well as fiction and reduce the length to less than two thousand words and greater than four thousand. With the new guidelines in place, the final tally of contributors was forty-seven, just three short of the fifty target. This worked out well and added a greater variety of stories in both depth and length.

The Great Watermelon Heist by Donald James Parker, a fictional short story of two thousand nine hundred and eighty-eighty words, was exactly the type and length of story I had in mind. The story’s reminiscences of long summers from childhood will bring back fond memories to everyone of any age. There is something about the way we all remember the days of our youth that Don captures so well. This is a well-crafted, enjoyable story about a gang of boys with time on their hands to do mischief, and how the tables are turned on the gang leader who thinks he’s a smart guy. This story is one of the gems of the anthology.

I would like to thank Don for inviting me to his blog to talk about Forever Friends and I wish him success with his new publishing company, Sword of the Spirit Publishing.

Buy the book and read Don’s story along with all the other entertaining stories!

Thanks again for reading this and best wishes for the holiday season!

Shelagh Watkins

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