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   In the middle of August, as I watched an episode of the Sid Roth show It’s Supernatural, my world was rocked.  Little did I suspect that my lifestyle would be turned upside down as a result of that interview Sid did with Kevin Zadai. The notion that I needed to make a movie about this dominated my brain waves. I looked at the calendar. There were only about 70 days until the presidential election, the most important one in American History in my estimation. It seemed that a movie on this topic would have an expiration date that was rapidly approaching. Most movie scripts require more than 70 days to compose.  Then it takes a considerable amount of time to complete preproduction tasks such as finding a cast, locations, and a crew to shoot the movie. And then there is the editing process after the movie shoots. That often takes more than seventy days to complete.  It was insane to even consider making the movie that seemed to have been birthed within me. I realize that what is impossible for man is possible for God, and I felt compelled to start this journey.   I sat down at my computer and banged out a script in four days.  I sent it to my business partner and he liked it. He said he could find an investor, so I began preparations for a shoot starting with a schedule and finding a crew. A week later after negotiations had already been held with a director of photography, we found out that the investor wanted a guaranteed return on his money. That was a show stopper as far as getting money pumped into this project. I was at a crossroads. My resolve had been never to risk money on a film again. I actually had a family friendly film about pickleball that I wanted to shoot very badly and would have ventured in the shark infested financial waters of filmmaking, but it just seemed right that I spend my money doing what I could to defend the things I hold dear. I made the decision to pick up the check for this iffy, controversial, and expensive spiritual/political smorgasbord.

            I did realize that the political nature of my script was going to be an obstacle to accomplishing that mission. I underestimated how difficult it would be. Eight people who pledged to take part in this production backed out, two of them within 5 days before the shoot. The sound engineer gave me about ten days to find a replacement. I was frustrated beyond measure and considered dumping this venture to get back to normal life many times. However that compulsion that launched me on the journey had not waned. I felt that this was something I had to do. It was also something I knew I could not bring to fruition without God’s help.  We scheduled a six day shoot. The crew, who did not know me, seemed very skeptical we could pull it off in six days. Despite a few setbacks during those six days, we ended right on schedule and actually had time a couple of days to have shot the only scene we did on the 6th day and finished in five. But there was one more huge problem that popped up. In order to get this movie out before the election, my business partner was scheduled to be on site and editing footage as we shot more. And then after the shoot, he and I were going to blitzkrieg the task with him doing the technical stuff and me providing support with quality assurance etctera.  The day we began shooting, his alarm woke him up at 4:30 in order to make the trip to Tennessee to start his work. He was unable to see a thing. After getting to a doctor, he was told he had pink eye. So the entire week went by without his presence. Then the doctor determined he had something else and started on a new round of medications. He is still sick from all the chemicals they’ve pumped into him as I write this. He was only able to edit one scene of the movie. Luckily I had commandeered my long time editor Don Stafford to assist in this process. He became the lead editor. I found another volunteer editor on Facebook, Mel Sigrist, who introduced me to a wonderful free open source editor. I began to attempt to edit and found that with this software and the nature of the footage we shot, I was able to put the scenes together. So the three of us edited the entire film in one week. The miracle continues to unfold.

            By the time this film releases, hopefully by October 9, there will be less than a month until voters go to the polls. Time for the last miracle we need. Having this movie discovered and embraced by people who care enough about our country and the gospel to share the word with others is critical. I’ve run the good race getting making this available. I’m now passing off the baton to those whom God will lead to grab it. This marathon of misery will be worth every bit of sacrifice if we can unify the body of Christ together to preserve our freedom of religion and liberty to worship God in the way we believe to be most pleasing to Him.

            The movie is available for rental or purchase at I will try to get it into other venues but with the current censorship going on, this flic might be banned in Boston. I know there will be obstacles, but I expect the Lord to clear them out of the way as each other problem along the path has been resolved through determination, grit and faith. For those who prefer having a DVD in hand, I will take orders for them and burn the DVD’s myself and send them out, but they will be basically no frills packages.  If we have enough demand for them, I’ll order some fancy packages from a disk duplicator. I had figured this movie would be of no interest after the election, but in retrospect I see that the names might change, but the fight against evil will continue until we hear that final trumpet sound. Hopefully this movie will have a role in that conflict.

I did not go into detail on everything that went on to bring this movie to fruition, but suffice it to say, I have material for a new movie from this experience.  If that film ever gets made, then, as Paul Harvey said so memorably, you’ll have the rest of the story.

Which Jesus Do You Serve?

Written by Brendon Powell.

There seems to be more than one Jesus to choose from these days.
Which one is the true Jesus and who am I following?

· There´s a seeker friendly´ Jesus, he´s the one who will not offend anyone in anyway. He loves everyone no matter what they do.

There´s a sow and reap´ Jesus, he made a covenant with man so that man could sow his seed and reap wealth and happiness on earth and then go to heaven when he dies.

· There´s a blend in with the world´ Jesus, he wants us to look like, act like, and be like the world in order to reach the lost.

There´s a neverending grace Jesus, his grace covers us no matter what we do or how we live. · There´s a just believe´ Jesus. As long as you truly believe in your heart, you´re saved.

There´s a name it claim it´ Jesus. You name it; anything and it´s yours! If you don´t get it, it´s because you lack faith. It´s your fault.

There´s a carnal´ Jesus. He doesn´t expect you to overcome sin, he understands you´re just carnal.

There´s a `heart dwelling´ Jesus. All you have to do is ask him into your heart and voilà, he´s there. You´re going to heaven!


There´s the Jesus who said “Repent and believe the gospel,
the kingdom of God is at hand.” -Mark 1:15 He said, “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him.” -Lk 9:23-25 He said without Him you are already condemned. -John 3:18
He said He came to save the world -John 3:16
He said unless you forsake all you have, you cannot be His disciple.
-Luke 14:33
He said if we love anyone more than Him we are not worthy of Him.
-Matt 10:37-39
He said if you love this life you´ll lose it. -John 12:25-26
He said you cannot serve God and money. -Matt 6:24 He said fear God who can destroy both body and soul in hell. -Mt 10:28
He said be extreme in your war against sin. -Matt 18:8-9
He said love God with all your heart, soul and mind and your
neighbour as yourself. -Matt 22:37-39
He said He is the light of the world. -John 8:12 He said the gate is narrow and the way is difficult and few find it.
-Matt 7:13-14
He said those who believe in Him but work iniquity will be
cast out. -Matt 7:21-23
He said you´ll be hated for His name´s sake, but if you endure to the end, you´ll be saved. -Matt 10:22
He said I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to
the Father but by Me. -John 14:6

Which Jesus do you serve?

Justice Requires Just Judges

I just had a crazy thought. We are seeing automated checkout machines proliferate at grocery and department stores. Personally I hate to see that because I know that jobs are being eliminated, jobs that are held by people that don’t have qualifications for more lucrative and glamorous positions. I can’t help but think it will have a detrimental effect upon our society in the long run. I’ve even pondered calling for a boycott of all stores that employee these computer clerks.

There is one aspect of our society where such an automated device would make a lot of sense. Our culture seems to be dominated by attorneys. It seems that nothing can be accomplished without them, and that is not a good thing. High profile criminals walk because of their slick talking lawyers, and innocent people get punished because they don’t have the funds to hire the shyster type representation. And the prosecution relentlessly attacks the low hanging fruit out of frustration of never being able to nail the professional law breakers. I have a joke that reveals to you my feeling about attorneys. What’s black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?  The answer is: a Doberman Pinscher.  Enough said. Well, having said that, let me modify my position slightly. There are some fine and altruistic lawyers are there. Some that do pro bono work for clients who can’t afford to buy justice. My cap is off to them.  Look at Matt Damon’s character in the movie The Rainmaker to see what I’m talking about. And look at his opposition in that flick led by Jon Voight to see the other side of the coin.

And what do lawyers do when they grow up? They become judges. In a way that makes sense because to be a judge one must know the law. However is it possible that our law has become way too complicated? Could a judge get by in a simpler society by just possessing wisdom and modicum of knowledge concerning statues? The problem with judges is that they wield a great deal of power. They determine the course of people’s lives. And what is to prevent them from doing so in a manner that benefits themselves? I have a second hand story from a woman whose children were taken away by a judge who happens to be a friend of her ex-husband, a police officer. The stories she revealed make my blood chill. Unfortunately I have no idea how to rectify her particular situation. I do have a solution that would eliminate bribes and “good old boy partiality” to and from the people in the black robes.

How about installing automated judges? Evidence would be scanned in and the judge would weigh all the evidence through its access to databases and algorithms to come up with the verdict? No politics or hanky panky involved. Just the facts ma’am justice. What do you think?

Of course some elements might try to buy the machines from Dominion and get the software from Smartmatic. That would mess up my whole idea. I guess justice will never prevail on earth until Jesus comes back.

These are not my words but very accurate and disturbing! Unfortunately I have no clue who composed them. Feel free to copy and paste. I did!

I never dreamed that I would have to face the prospect of not living in the United States of America, at least not the one I have known all my life. I have never wished to live anywhere else. This is my home and I was privileged to be born here.

But today I woke up and as I had my morning coffee I realized that everything is about to change. No matter how I vote, no matter what I say, something evil has invaded our nation, and our lives are never going to be the same. I have been confused by the hostility of family and friends. I look at people I have known all my life so filled with hate that they will agree with opinions that if the were in their right minds they would never express as their own. It’s absolutely unbelievable. I think that I may well have entered the Twilight Zone…..then I saw this and I think that it’s pretty close to describing how I feel.

I’m not starting a fight, but it is something to think about. This may open up a ton of outraged comments by some. Many who will argue how “wrong” this post is. My suggestion, save your time and effort! You’re not changing the reality of what we are living by trying to somehow justify this insanity. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist because we are becoming the Twilight Zone. We have become a nation that has lost its collective mind!

• If a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him.
• Somehow it’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America.
• Russians influencing our elections are bad, but illegals voting in our elections are good.
• It was cool for Joe Biden to “blackmail” the President of Ukraine, but it’s an impeachable offense if Donald Trump inquires about it.
• Twenty is too young to drink a beer, but eighteen is old enough to vote.
• People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves.
• Inflammatory rhetoric is outrageous, but harassing people in restaurants is virtuous.
• People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their degrees.
• Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated.
• Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate gang-bangers who jump the southern fence are welcome.
• $5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care is not.
• If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free.
• People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.
• We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, but it seems like a great plan to us.
• Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now.
• Criminals are catch-and-released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it’s a violation of THEIR rights.
• And pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us “racists”?!

Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility and people are dying of a Chinese virus, but it racist to refer to it as Chinese even though it began in China. We are clearly living in an upside down world where right is wrong and wrong is right, where moral is immoral and immoral is moral, where good is evil and evil is good, where killing murderers is wrong, but killing innocent babies is right, where darkness is light and light is now darkness.

Wake up America, the great unsinkable ship Titanic America has hit an iceberg, is taking on water and sinking fast. There’s only one life boat that can save you, and that is Jesus Christ. You can either get in or go down with the ship into the deep dark sea of eternal death. The choice is yours to make. What will it be? Time is short, make your choice wisely!

Don’t waste your time trying to debate me! This is my opinion and you have yours so keep on scrolling!

Here’s an excerpt from my book Hearts are Trump:

Gary nodded. “OK. Tough question here for you, Wade. You’ve been on the Trump bandwagon for about four years. What happens to our country if he loses? Give me a list of at least five.”

“Why don’t you put me on the spot?”

Gary grinned. “I thought I just did.”

Wade laughed. “Wow! That question calls for me to cast aside all the optimism and positivism you just tried to instill in me. Well first of all, I don’t think there is any doubt that if the democrats take control that everything Trump has done that can be undone will be. Number one: the wall that has been constructed so far will be torn down. People will flood into America until they discover that America is not the paradise they had thought it was in the past. Number two: the conservative judges who have been appointed will be replaced with liberal ones wherever possible. Number three: Relations with Iran and China and North Korea will be transformed as the new administration takes us to the brink of becoming one of the rogue nations in the world. Number four: Abortions will be totally tax payer funded and easier to get than an honest lawyer. And five: Homosexuals will not only have equality status in our society but will receive benefits beyond what normal people get. Any organization or church that fails to hire a candidate professing homosexuality will be hit with a lawsuit for discrimination and forced to hire that person. Churches who preach that homosexuality is a sin will be boarded up and pastors imprisoned for hate speech crimes.”

“That didn’t seem so hard to list,” Gary said.

“Really. And I’m not done yet. “Six: The war against drugs will end in and many drugs will become legal. Seven: Voices such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones of Infowars, Mike Adams of Natural News and those who rail against liberal policies will be silenced, one way or another. The mantra will be that the only good dissenter is a dead dissenter. Our first amendment rights of free speech will only apply if we condone all policies of the current administration. Where am I?”

“That was number seven.”

“Thank you. Eight: Euthanasia will become commonplace and it may be applied in situations where the government deems someone a threat to them. It might very well be applied to senior citizens who no longer offer society anything tangible and are drains upon the public coffers. Nine: Gun control will be a big push by the government, to the point of setting up people to utter Patrick Henry’s words of ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ as they have shootouts with officers of the government. Ten: the local police staffs such as the Sheriff’s Department will be replaced by national police. Eleven: Many people who have committed real crimes will be released from prison and their beds taken up by political prisoners. The crime rate will skyrocket throughout the country as law and order become about as emphasized as chastity before marriage. Twelve: rape laws will be loosened to the point that the crime is rarely prosecuted. Thirteen: Sexual contact with minors will be allowed and the rape situation will come into play in this arena as well. Fourteen: Openly confessing Christians will be disqualified from certain arenas such as strategic jobs or schools. Fifteen: Homeschooling will be outlawed and parents who resist will have their children taken away from them and raised by the state or given to a good family who will send them to the government brainwashing school. The same will happen to parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.”

“Holy Cow. I’ve unleashed a monster.”

Shawn shook his head. “I don’t think this is a matter for attempting humor. I think he’s right on most of these and they are downright scary.”

Wade nodded. “And I’m still not done. Sixteen: judges, even Supreme Court justices will mysteriously die, perhaps to be diagnosed as suicides, allowing them to be replaced with those loyal to the liberal cause. Seventeen: Seniors who fail to give lip service to the government’s programs will have their social security payments suspended. Eighteen: People who report suspicious activity by their neighbors will be rewarded by the government if that activity is deemed to be anti-government. Nineteen: Some private properties will be taken over by people who have proven to be loyal to the government through court actions. Our landscape will resemble the south during reconstruction with the carpetbaggers and scalawags. Twenty: Marriage will become a discounted practice and people will be encouraged to have open relationships with partners of both sexes. Twenty-one: the Bible will be banned or revised to take out all offensive passages. And twenty-two: Freedom in America will become basically a word that has come to have no meaning at all. There you go. You happy?”

Gary sighed. “I kind of wish I hadn’t popped the question.”

Wade shrugged. “I know that sounds a bit paranoid and hopefully it is way over the top, but I can certainly see much of it happening, although I would predict it would be a slow moving process with the frog-in-hot-water technique applied so that none of it appears to be so jarring as to scare people into taking action to halt the progress. Probably all of it wouldn’t happen in the next four years, but the foundation will be laid for everything that is not accomplished in that time frame.”

In case you are unaware of it, there is a big argument going on between Christians right now. Well, that’s nothing new, but this particular dispute is certainly unique. A gaggle of prophets issued decrees that God told them that Donald Trump was going to win the election. When the Electoral College votes were confirmed, some prophets apologized for being wrong. They received some condemnation for waffling. When Biden was inaugurated, other people started pointing fingers at the prophets who said that God was still waiting in the wings for His cue and in the meantime was letting all of the evil expose itself. Some of those unwavering prophets indicated that the spokesmen/women of God who had abandoned their previous claims were perhaps without faith to the point that their ministries would be diminished as a result. And then there were people who rushed to cuss out and even issue death threats against the prophets who punted on 3rd down. I suspect that those sending nasty hateful notes to the people of God are not truly children of the King. He who hates his brother does not truly know the Lord, according to scripture. The latest development is that some people think the prophets who still cling to the notion that God is going to swoop in and restore Trump to the presidency need to get some kind of official rebuke from the prophetic community in order to keep the prophetic arena pure. There is a crisis here. I have a personal problem with this because people on both sides have been my heroes. I don’t want to see these people fighting with each other, and I don’t want to see my respect and admiration for people to wane because of their words and actions. I realize that we cannot put our total trust in people, but it is nice to have role models who can strengthen our testimony through their own.

In the struggle between Charismatic Christianity and cessationist Christianity, things are very explainable. Cessationists don’t really believe that God is putting Himself into the equation whereas the Charismatics vehemently insist that God speaks to them. If they’re right, then there is a logical explanation for the division. And when both sides state something that is diametrically opposite, it’s a safe bet to go with the answer that comes directly from God.  That’s been my theory any way. However when two groups of Charismatic prophets have conflicting views, how do you reconcile that situation? Both can’t be hearing from God.

My first inclination is to send them all a pink slip and go back to believing in a God who intervenes very little into our world situations. But something (perhaps hope that springs eternal in the human breast) causes me to pause. Do I or we have to move forward at this point? Is it possible that we just all suppress our personal opinions, put our fingers back in their holster, and follow the admonition of 1 Samuel 12:16? “Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes! If God is simply biding his time for one reason or another to act on our behalf, then those who try to censor the prophetic voices that cling to their claim that God has spoken to them will cause great damage to their own credibility when God’s hand is revealed. I’d certainly want to err on the side of faith if I’m going to be mistaken. I’ve chosen to keep hoping and believing until the end of April. At that point I’ll have to decide what course of action to take. What I do know is that among the cacophony of diverse opinions in our world, we really need to hear the opinion that matters most, that from the Father himself. And who is to deliver that voice if not prophets?

Deprogramming the Trumpster Cult

Politicians and media pundits have called for the deprogramming of Trump supporters, as if they constitute some kind of cult. That word has actually been dropped into the conversation. Are you freaking kidding me? Do those people truly believe that Donald Trump entered stage right and began to blow his magic flute and mesmerized people into following him down the devious path of conservatism? Earth to Liberals. Donald Trump did not create patriotism nor values based on the Bible. Those pillars have been the norm in this nation for over 200 years. People have embraced the liberty of free speech, the right to own weapons and to protect their own lives and property, and the idea of loving our country for a long time before Trump entered the picture. Somewhere along the line the Democratic Party seems to have deserted such ideals, unless they are the recipients given those rights and that their version of love for America is the one accepted. Make no mistake about it, the left will have their freedom of speech to belittle and marginalize those who honor God’s blueprints for human life. They will have armed guards to protect them after they take away the guns of the citizenry. My guess is that such a snatch of arms will not be a shotgun operation (pardon the pun) but instead laser focused to remove just the weapons of those who show an inclination or even a tolerance toward conservative beliefs.

We’ve seen some major cities run by Democrats state they were not going to prosecute people for committing certain crimes. They are going soft on real crime, but I can assure you that any violation of what they consider hate speech will be vigorously punished. So woe unto those who try to fight the homosexual/transgender agenda or abortion. These liberal politicians have championed the cause of legalizing drugs. It appears to me that they’ve been using the products and the infernal chemicals have destroyed their brains. Even the Scarecrow in the wizard of Oz had more brains before the Wizard arrived on the scene. One can only wonder how can such a radical departure from human and American mores have occurred, and so quickly? There is only one explanation, although most will reject it out of hand.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. Never in my life have I seen such frothing at the mouth by people of supposed intelligence and of influence when they trash Trump. And their rhetoric points accusatory fingers at President 45 for everything he says or does, no matter how virtuous or innocent.  When I see and hear the vitriol that pours out of their mouths, it reminds me very much of how the demons manifested when Jesus approached their victims. My friends, this political warfare we have experienced is actually spiritual in nature. I might go out on a limb and say this is the warm up for the final war between good and evil.

What I’m wondering is what the media will do when Trump is no longer around to kick to the curb. What is CNN going to do to fill up the airwaves? I know much of the bandwidth will be spent in praising the democratic regime, but there will be a void in their lives if they don’t have someone to bash. Here’s my guess on that. If they were to attack quote unquote Christians, then those Christians who support abortion and homosexuality, etc, would be lumped in. To avoid painting them with the same brush, the bad Christians can be labeled as Trumpists or Trumpsters so they can be lampooned without restraint. And so we who embrace fundamentalist Christian values will become the new face of Trump and become the whipping boys of the mainstream media. Fasten your seatbelts, my friends. My advice to you is to not let your love grow cold despite the iniquity that will soon engulf us. The Bible did tell us the world would hate us and that we would walk the path of tribulation, even if we were not born in the era of the Great Tribulation.

To Be or Not To Be … Free?

            Almost two weeks ago a group of people stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC and caused a bit of a ruckus. Condemnation poured in on both sides, liberal and conservative.  FBI agents are proactively seeking to arrest every one that was involved and seem hell bent on prosecuting to the max. There seems to be some proof that this so called riot was a brainchild of the left in order to give them ammunition to point fingers at the right and give them reason to impeach President Trump once again. I don’t know about that, but it does seem to be part of their MO. Obviously, many of the people participating were Patriots, but were they perhaps egged on by members of Antifa or BLM? Mob mentality is not a good thing. And when an emotional situation, such as where people have been frustrated by the lack of governmental response to a potentially rigged election, individuals sometimes do things they normally would not do. And on the other hand, we have plenty of rednecks supporting Trump who don’t have any sensitivity against violence. Frankly it was not a good situation. BUT.

            Let’s examine the situation more closely. If China (and perhaps other nations) was/were involved in stealing this election, that would be an act of war. And if Americans were involved in election fraud, they would be perhaps guilty of treason. For Americans to accept those results in the pacifist and peaceful manner that we have pretty much always done in our history would be exactly what the enemy (internally and externally) wants us to do.  In other words, they would be taking advantage of our reticence to commit mayhem to grab control of our government.

            Let me state that I hate violence. I have never even been in a fist fight in my 71 years on planet Earth. What little fighting I do is with my computer keyboard when I fight for truth using words. However, I have to admit that without violence, America would not have won their independence from England back in 1776-1783. There were Americans who condemned the hooligans who pulled off the Boston Tea Party. Many Americans stood with the British and in some cases aided them by spying etcetera. Those Tories were not treated very kindly by the patriots when the war was over. The decision the Colonists made to demand that King George let his people go did not come lightly. It can be argued that America still would have been granted their independence in the same manner as Canada and Australia and other colonies of England. Perhaps, but it is also possible that our action set the precedent for those other emancipations.   

            I find it ironic that millions of our citizens have donned uniforms to go off to war, including in Vietnam where the threat to our freedom was not exactly clear cut. The true foe in that war was China. Ditto for the Korean war. Now we find ourselves in a position where those who are truly woke and see the incursions of the dragon into our society, to pull it down from within instead of by direct force, are labeled terrorists and those who accept that the election was without fraud and foreign intervention can brag about being patriots.  

Violence is not what we Americans normally do. And neither do we threaten and even punish people because they have supported a certain political candidate. The Dems have said they want unity. But from the comments made by media and some politicians, what they seek is total subservience. It will be their way or the highway. Trump supporters will be deprogrammed or else. What do you suppose the “or else” would entail? Could it possibly be violence?  

Here’s my dilemma. I don’t want to kill anybody. I abhor the thought of blood running in our streets. I truly do. I also do not want to see my government run by communists hell bent on bringing hell on earth to anyone who believes in a deity outside the communist party. We Christians often tout that God enabled America to break away from England so that all might have religious freedom. I totally can see that. The American military might was puny in comparison with that of the redcoats, who augmented their forces with Hessian mercenaries. Yet the colonists were able to defeat the British in the revolutionary war. Would those who froze at Valley Forge or were strafed by German machine gun fire on Omaha Beach, or gave their life at Iwo Jima look down upon us in favor if we allowed the torch of freedom to be extinguished in America because we were afraid? Would even God be pleased if He indeed did orchestrate the battle victories in the 1776 era?  Sounds like He would want us to fight again to keep that freedom.

On the other hand, when Jesus came to earth, he showed no inclination of disturbing the powers that were at the time, the Romans. The early Christians in the Roman Empire suffered from persecution and were belittled by Roman society. Perhaps that pacifist stance is intended for us as well-and not armed resistance. Tyrants are rarely stopped by goodness, unfortunately. I would hazard a guess that life under totalitarian rule such as we see in China is much worse than the life the colonists faced. I sincerely hope Americans never find out if that is true or not.  Every American, especially those in the military or police forces must face the big question, to be or not to be … free.  And no doubt the most difficult choice will be for those in the military who are ordered to fire on people who are fighting for the same cause that has historically been the responsibility of the military – liberty and justice for all. These truly are the times that try men’s souls.

The Bible says in Amos that God does nothing at all unless He reveals his secrets to His servants, the prophets. Ironically, Amos was one of those prophets. Was this something that God told him, or was Amos adlibbing?  For those cessationists who consider that the gift of prophecy left the Earth along with the last of the original twelve Apostles, it doesn’t matter. They don’t heed the prophetic utterings of those born after John the Revelator shuffled off his mortal coil. In fact, they consider those who dare to speak in the name of the Lord as being blasphemers. That leads us to a very interesting situation with the US presidential election of 2020.

Several of those considered to be modern prophets by the Charismatics have said that the Lord spoke to them and revealed that Donald Trump would serve a second term. One of them, Kevin Zadai, said that he was in Heaven for five hours talking to Jesus about what was transpiring on the little blue planet named Earth. Another, Kat Kerr, claims to have visited Heaven thousands of times. Zadai’s pleas for the body of Christ to rise up in prayer and unity to defend our freedom prompted me to write and produce an emergency movie, entitled Hearts are Trump. I chose to believe his account and engaged in a sacrificial action as a result.

Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 election, but the prophets persist in their insistence that Trump is God’s man and that he will still prevail. Zadai prophesied (after I made my movie) that Trump would win and it would be decided in the Supreme Court. According to the polls, Biden was going to win in a landslide. A prediction in advance that Trump would win and the Supreme Court would be involved in the determination seemed highly unlikely. Yet here we stand on the precipice of the possibility of that very thing happening, despite main stream media’s reluctance to acknowledge such a possibility to their audience.  Victory is still going to require a Hail Mary miracle play, but the ball is close enough to the goal line that our quarterback can throw the ball all the way to the end zone, giving us hope for that miracle. And might I add that God has a flair for the dramatic? I do believe He is a master script writer and the plot of this story is amazing.

In the meantime, people, even some who believe in modern day prophecy, are questioning and doubting those prophets. Could they all be wrong? And if they are, what does that mean to the world of Christianity? And conversely, if they’re right, what impact will that have on the church and the schism that exists between the Charismatics and the cessationists? What impact will it have on the non believers or the CEO (Christmas Easter Only) Christians?

Personally when I read the Bible, I saw gloom and doom ahead. The word tribulation has thrown believers into a tizzy for a long time. I had resigned myself to the fact that our world was headed in a downward spiral from which the only salvation was the return of Jesus. I stake no claims of private conversations with deity or visitations with Heavenly beings in reaching that conclusion. I just read the word and watch the trends of the world. You might say that I’ve become a pessimist. I might use the term realist. The Christians in Communist countries could rightfully claim they have been going through a tribulation for a long time. Americans pretty much ignored the blight of our brothers and sisters in those nations. Perhaps we are supposed to endure the same persecution. The Bible says that those days will only be shortened for the sake of the very elect. I want to cry out to the Christian world to get tough and brace yourselves for the things to come. Draw near to God for His presence will be the only thing that will allow such life to be endured.

But the prophets speak of victory and joy and prosperity. Then Donald Trump, a man I didn’t even like, arises and appears to be a possible antidote to the evil around us and prophets proclaim him as God’s anointed. Optimism, buried within me, resurrected and I embraced the concept that God was actively working to preserve our freedom of religion. I want love and justice and righteousness to prevail in my lifetime. I want the prophets to be right. And if they are, those naysayers who have written off the gifts of the Holy Spirit need to take a long hard look at their theology. I tentatively abandoned the band wagon of gloom to soar on the wings of Hope. 

However if Joe Biden ascends to the White House, it appears that the judgment of God is upon us and the prophets, especially those who claim to have visited Heaven, have misled us. Our fate seems that we will become closet Christians or suffer persecution or worst of all, fall away. Could this election, and the apparent stealing of it by those who wish to enshrine abortion and sexual deviancy, trigger the great falling away that the Bible refers to? I only know for sure that my viewpoint of God and His plans for the world and its citizens has been influenced greatly by the prophetic people. They are the ones who have spoken both optimism and the need for spiritual warfare into our situation. Some have said they will apologize if they are wrong about this election. When someone says that God told them such a thing without any doubt and it does not come to pass, I cannot accept that they really hear from God. I’m afraid that an apology will never restore my faith in them. And once again I will try to brace myself to live in a desert like environment, where beauty is found only in isolated places and where evil has the upper hand. I truly pray that God does indeed rescue our country from the corruption around us, but if that is not going to be the case, I will wait for Heaven for God’s reign.

I might add that those churches which reject the gifts of the spirit seem to be drifting away from the plumb line established by scripture. Instead of standing firm for God’s principles, many churches are embracing the values of the world. As America seems poised on the brink of a civil war, Christianity itself and its many factions appear to be split into two main camps and ready to duke it out. Perhaps a Trump victory will allow some people (even non believers) to realize they’ve been duped and that God not only exists but speaks to his prophets and has a very narrow path for us to follow, just as Jesus said. Regardless of the winner, perhaps a revival will break out that will allow people to cast aside their personal prejudices and pride and become unified in the effort to bring God’s kingdom upon the earth.

Here is a blurb form my book:  Will the Real Christianity Please Stand Up

Hand in hand with the sinner’s prayer is the doctrine of eternal security. The most common phrase used to describe that is “once saved always saved.” I can see where some people might believe in eternal security, but I don’t think the doctrine stands up to the scrutiny of the scriptures.  Let’s examine further.

There are a couple of passages where it is mentions that Jesus will hang on to his sheep. However, at what point does one become a bona fide sheep and not a goat?

Matthew 10:22 And ye shall be hated of all [men] for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. This phrase is repeated five more times in Matthew and Mark.

Paul, the author of most of the text that promotes salvation by grace was worried about his own disqualification as he described in 1 Corinthians 9:27.

There is a website that lists 36 scriptures that argue against eternal security at

I told you I granted equal opportunity for dissenting arguments. For a favorable support for the theory of eternal security, here’s the link to an article by Charles Spurgeon,

Very persuasive wasn’t he? Spurgeon didn’t get the reputation as one of the greatest orators of the kingdom for nothing.  However, let me offer another scenario. Check out this site dealing with a former evangelical pastor and tell me how you can justify eternal security for people who used to convert people to Christ – and perhaps believed in Eternal Security – but is now engaged in leading people away from Christ.

If those reverse missionaries don’t make your hair stand up on end, nothing will. Evolution had a role to play in the de-conversion of these debunkers. Ironically, Hector Avalos is now contributing to that site. He is the director of Religious Studies at Iowa State University, but happens to be a militant atheist. It seems the wolves have now been placed in charge of the sheep. I have to wonder how something like that happens in the middle of the Bible Belt.

Here’s another good example. A former born again Christian challenged people to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the only sin that Christ said would not be forgiven. None of us know precisely what comprises this sin, so these radicals just basically tell the Holy Spirit they’re blaspheming him and tell God to go to Hell. It seems that the poor lad gave up his salvation willingly. He went from a born again believer to a blasphemer of the Holy Ghost. Now tell me that once you are saved always you are saved. And now he has helped drag many others to the gutter of life to join him. You can see this blasphemy challenge which has been viewed by over a million people on Youtube at

Some theologians will bring up the argument that these people were never saved.  I find it extremely hard to swallow that rebuttal. In that case how does anyone know they’re saved?  This situation follows my belief perfectly. If they continue to follow Christ their entire life – even if they stumble and have to confess some more sin – they will endure to the end and be saved. However there is no way that someone who tries to persuade people to give up their faith in God and His son Jesus Christ are going to be present at the wedding feast.  The scripture says that the Spirit does not always strive with men and at some point the Lord turns them over to their own wickedness.

Am I the only one who has these crazy ideas about salvation being a little more complicated than “Jesus, please come into my heart and save me?” Luckily I’m not, or I might not have found the courage to expose my ideas to a world that doesn’t want to hear them.

Andrew Strom and Paul David Washer are two of the finest speakers I have encountered. You can find both of them on YouTube. Washer is the most animated and passionate supporter of the gospel I’ve seen. He is not reticent to make statements like “the sinner’s prayer has doomed more people to hell than anything else.” Strom is not quite as emotional but he is very disturbed by the state of the lukewarm church and by the lack of the preaching that repentance is necessary in order to follow Christ.

My testimony here is weak. You need to check out the words of men greater than I. Here is a link to an Andrew Strom article on the practice of asking Jesus into your heart:   Paul Washer declares war on the Sinner’s Prayer on YouTube at

Here’s another YouTube video that speaks volumes on this subject:

Just for the record, I’m not insisting that those who say the sinner’s prayer are going to Hell. Far from it. I’m saying that those who say that prayer as an insurance policy so they can feel good about living a life of sin are misled, misguided, and in jeopardy. If you truly are making the statement that you are submitting yourself to Jesus Christ and His Father, you will be on the path to salvation. If you’re just copping your bets (a gambling expression meaning making sure you can’t lose), I’m afraid you’ve been deluded. Washer uses an expression that I like. He mentions the discrepancy between regeneration and decisionism in regard to being born again. He maintains that being born again is something God performs as an act of recreating us as a new creature in comparison with a decision we make to be born again through confessing faith in Christ. Washer makes a compelling argument that those who are regenerated hate sin, love holiness, and manifest works.

By now, you might have the impression that I’m a rebel. Maybe I am. That would put me in good company since Jesus Christ was the biggest rebel in history. Like him, I’m not the kind of rebel who prescribes violence to overthrow a kingdom or country. I advocate love and truth to bring down hypocrisy, deception, and pride.  How do I rationalize the disparity between my own beliefs and those of the majority of evangelicals in the area of salvation? Let me give you an example in the form of an analogy.

Suppose that heaven was just on the other side of a chasm. The bridge that used to connect that area collapsed with the fall of Adam and Eve, isolating man with no way to reach his Creator. Then Jesus came along one day and stretched his arms across the chasm and became the new span of conduit, the bridge of life. Now men can walk across Christ to get to the Father. Jesus has provided salvation for mankind. Without him no one would make it to Heaven. But, Jesus says that no one can walk on his back without taking off his track shoes, golf shoes, baseball and football cleats. Even though Jesus has provided salvation for everyone, those who refuse to remove their footgear with the metal spikes will be denied the right to walk across that bridge.

That’s how I see this scenario. For those who preach that only Jesus can provide salvation, I can nod in agreement. Only Jesus could bridge the gap for all of mankind. But then comes the second part of salvation as outlined by Jesus in that passage with the young ruler. Go ahead. Throw the accusation at me that I’m preaching a gospel of works and not grace. I’m man enough to handle it. I like to think I’m like James. I’m showing my faith in Christ by doing the works that he commanded us to do. As I’ve stated previously, the great commission was to go into all of the world and baptize men in the name of the Trinity and teach them to obey everything that Jesus had commanded.

If you want to believe that you can accept Christ and reach Heaven without obeying Him, that’s your prerogative. If you fall short of your goal, you can’t blame me. My goal here is not to prove myself right. One of my favorite phrases is: “it doesn’t matter who is right; it matters what is right.”  I’m not sacrificing my time writing this to convince you of the truthfulness of my words for my sake. My desire is just to offer a counter viewpoint to what many churches are presenting as the gospel of Jesus Christ. What you do with this information is up to you.

From analyzing this situation, it seems the primary objection to works based salvation, which most will probably say that I am promoting here, is that it would cheapen, or even render of no importance, the death of Jesus on the cross. I can understand why we would never want to do that. As I have previously stated, without his atonement, our works alone would never suffice to scale the heights and storm the gates of the Holy City. So, even though we have a part to play, we must always be grateful for the blood of the Passover lamb and apply it liberally to our lives.

Let me mention briefly the event of Passover, one of the principal Jewish feasts. The Lord instructed the Jews to kill a lamb without blemish and sprinkle the blood on the sides and top of the doorframes of their residences. When the firstborn of every family was struck down by the angel of death, those under the blood would be spared. This presents a definite type and shadow for the arrival of Christ on Earth as an unblemished sacrifice to prevent the death of those under the blood. But what if the firstborn of a Jewish family had been out carousing the night of the Passover? Would the blood over the door of his family’s home have saved him or would he have forfeited that protection by wandering away from the source of immunity? I’ll venture that living in sin is symbolic of being outside the walls of the home. Even though the blood was applied, it could have been rendered of no effect by the failure of the victim to fulfill his responsibility of staying under that blood.

One of the most salient passages in the Bible to me is Mathew 7:21-27. It is worthy of quoting here.

“Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?  And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness! Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock:  and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”

I’ve heard a bunch of different interpretations here to dance around the question. One noted preacher even claimed this was proof that God did not honor works. This exile banished to eternal destruction had done works of prophesying and casting out demons, etc, but apparently never accepted that works were not only not required but would be damning. I nearly tore out my hair upon reading that interpretation.

Why can’t we read this just as Christ said it and intended it? Those who live as a law onto themselves without heeding the admonishments of the Lord concerning sinful behavior are taking advantage of God’s grace. They think they are like ambassadors from a foreign country to Washington, DC, immune to the laws. We can’t choose Christ’s blood without taking his yoke upon us. Why can’t theologians accept that practicing sin will separate people from God – even those who confess belief that Jesus is the son of God. Is a smoker immune from lung cancer because they believe that smoking is harmful to their body? Their belief is only of benefit if they put it into action and toss the cancer sticks in the trash.

I’m not saying that none of us sin. There is a big difference from messing up occasionally as the result of anger or from a sudden temptation and a life of sin where the sinner knows he is breaking the commandments of God, but he continues in the sin. I’ll stop here on the subject of sin so I can concentrate on that in another chapter.  I know this is a topic that most Christians want to avoid – unless they’re talking about the sins of other people.

Jesus said that the duty of man is to believe that He is the son of God. Nowhere did he state that he did everything on the cross, and we have nothing left to do. The quotation of Jesus on the cross “It is finished” is misconstrued to signify that everything is done and nothing else should be attempted. Jesus meant His mission was over. The cup that He asked to have taken from Him had been drunk. The atonement was completed and the door to Heaven was open to those who choose to walk the path that leads there. That didn’t mean that it was finished for humans. It certainly didn’t mean that the fight with the devil was over. In fact, that battle only intensifies as time passes. Let me quote Matthew 16:24-27.


“Then Jesus said to his disciples, Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.  What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? For the Son of Man is going to come in his Fathers glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done.


I suggest that you might want to look over your life and see if perhaps you have not lost your life for Christ. After all, the Bible says that we should judge ourselves so that we won’t be judged by God. If you’ve been skating through life with the idea that you’re saved only by a little prayer you might have said when you were a child or when you were surrounded by friends who urged you on, or during an emotional upheaval, you might want to make some adjustments to line up your life with God’s desires.

One of the things I want to accomplish here is to give those who seek a logical explanation to salvation something that makes sense to them. There are groups who believe in obedience to God in addition to accepting Jesus as the son of God in order to reach Heaven. The majority of those sects have their own baggage that caused me to intellectually reject their doctrine and claims of being God’s true church. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the true church of Jesus Christ is not a religious body, but the collective group of those who have devoted their lives to him. We must not be spinning our wheels paying allegiance to an organization when only the Creator of the world is worthy of our devotion.

I don’t want intellectuals to reject the gospel because they can’t find sense and order in Christianity. God is a deity of order, having formed the universe with the precision that makes a fine watch maker jealous. If they only find Christians who promote the sinner’s prayer, which the seeker cannot find anywhere in the Bible, the book claimed to be the inerrant and infallible word of God, they will face an intellectual tug of war. Christianity, in a way, should be a hard sell where the buyer is informed that the price cannot be reduced, taxes and shipping need to be paid, and that the product is going to cause great anguish in the life of the buyer. Of course the fact that the guarantee is out of the world should be mentioned.

Evangelists have reduced the decision to claim Christ to a no-brainer for those seeking the easy way which includes lavish promises of the good life and no mention of any responsibilities involved. They literally tell the listeners that the gift is free. Recipients don’t have to do anything to obtain this gift. Most people will want to sign up for those benefits. And we wonder why Christians have a divorce rate as high as the secular world. And we ponder why Christians are prone to falling prey to other issues that plague the ungodly: drugs, pornography, gambling, violence, and abortion. If people don’t believe there are consequences to their actions, why should they lose sleep over the dearth of integrity in their character?  Why should they agonize over their unfaithfulness to a Savior who took the ultimate in punishment in their behalf?

Ironically I was just at a banquet for a bible based drug/alcohol center. The director in his speech made the comment that humans only place true value on the things they earn themselves. Things given to them are taken for granted.

One of the most rewarding things in life is given the name “job.” I think we put excessive emphasis on our employment, but we should be grateful we have a means of supplying our daily bread for ourselves and our families through honest effort and the sweat of our brow, just as God decreed. We can work twenty-four hours a day, but if we are not receiving compensation for it through an employer, our efforts are wasted. The same goes in the world of the Christian. Through the death of Jesus on the cross, our good works becomes meaningful. Without Jesus purchasing our salvation through His death, our efforts would be in vain.