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I was just asked this question by someone on Facebook. “So why are u a conspiracy theorist and spread propaganda? just wanna know your reasonings after watching best friends genetically modified. (A movie I wrote and produced)”

He was quite insistent that I provide an answer. I don’t have time to engage in one-on-one debates on such topics, so I decided I’d satisfy his request via a blog post so anyone else who wants the answer to such a question can have their curiosity satiated. I might point out the fact that his question is as loaded as the town drunk on a Saturday night. If you need a definition for a loaded question – it’s a trick question which presupposes at least one unverified assumption that the person being questioned is likely to disagree with. For example, the question, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” presupposes that the person being questioned has beaten their wife in the past.

Number 1 – what is a conspiracy theory? I don’t think it’s difficult to answer that question in a general sense. One definition of a conspiracy theory is: “an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation.” The slope becomes much more slippery when one must decide if embracing such a theory in a particular situation is a positive or a negative thing. I’m convinced the veracity of the matter is of the utmost importance. Embracing a falsehood is not a good thing. Neither is rejecting the truth.

My own opinion here is that there are some people who seem to embrace every report they hear as proof positive that the bad guys are at it again. I might be tempted to apply the label “Conspiracy Theorist” to them. It’s ironic that some trolls seem to delight in planting rumors just to jerk the chains of such people and generate more conspiracy theories. I can’t help but think of the story of Chicken Little (aka Henny Penny) – the story about the sky falling when in reality it was only an acorn that plunked the poor chicken on the head. However I must throw out the caveat that just because people are paranoid, that doesn’t mean that someone is not out to get them. The difficulty of discerning truth from fiction is becoming even more pronounced as technology gives people the ability to fake stuff like photographs and videos, given them the ability to present evidence which appears credible but is totally bogus and contrived.

The use of statistics is very prominent in the decision making process. If the statistics provided are inaccurate, the garbage-in-garbage-out paradigm applies. And anybody can make up statistics or bend numbers to accomplish their purpose. Let’s look at one particular situation where numbers are critical. In the 2020 election, there were approximately 155 million votes cast. Someone posted statistics that the number of registered voters was less than that figure. We can’t really question that the tally of votes was a certain number. We can question where the count of registered voters came from. If that number is accurate, it’s a no brainer to conclude that there was some cheating going on in the election tabulation process. We don’t have to resort to people’s opinions, but have an incontrovertible fact in front of us that you can’t have more legal votes than registered voters. No opinion enters that equation; it is purely logical. Unfortunately not all conspiracy theories are easy to prove or disprove. The fact they are conspiracies indicates that people are hiding their activity and true motives to avoid detection and interruption of their plans.

I’ve never seen the term “conspiracy fact” used before. Perhaps it is time to introduce that one to the world. If a conspiracy theory is indeed accurate, does that disqualify it from being considered a conspiracy theory? It should. And who is the governing body that has the power to determine what ideas are conspiracy theories and which aren’t? Is that up to the fact checkers at Twitter and Facebook? Or a government agency created by one political party? I certainly hope not. It seems the quest for truth is a challenging process since for some truth, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. A key certainty here is that conspiracies do exist. Just ask Julius Caesar and King David along with myriad other kings and rulers from history. Every situation has to be weighed on its own merit and evidence. But how do we separate truth from fiction, especially when those involved in conspiracies are doing their utmost to cloud the situation and discredit anyone blowing the whistle against their technical foul on humanity.

It has been said that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Here is the entire quote involving that premise: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few. The manna of popular liberty must be gathered each day or it is rotten. The living sap of today outgrows the dead rind of yesterday. The hand entrusted with power becomes, either from human depravity or esprit de corps, the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continued oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot; only by unintermitted agitation can a people be sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity.”

If we are dissuaded from questioning the status quo and trying to keep those in power accountable whether politically or financially, I’m afraid our freedom cannot long endure. I do however preach accountability for those watchmen on the walls who sound the alarm when they detect what they consider a conspiracy. Such calls to action must be preceded by careful research and prayer. Someone who manufactures conspiracy stories without proper evidence generates fear in people and also causes people to start ignoring real conspiracies due to the previous bogus calls of Wolf! Wolf! We must pick our fights wisely and not venture out on limb where the evidence is not strong enough to support our weight.

Did you know that the Romans practiced abortion? And they, like their contemporary equivalents were not happy with Christians who protested such barbaric activity. So the Romans made statements about Christians such as they ate their own babies. The Jews have also been historically the target of damaging rumors. We can’t ignore that conspiracy theories are a two way street. Liberals may deride people for believing certain things but then when they formulate their own narratives such as Trump colluding with Russia to win the election, they would be offended if conservatives labeled that a conspiracy theory. Or how about the theory that all police target people of color, and thus should be defunded? You understand that there probably are some individual cops that are prejudiced and misuse their power in such a fashion. But a little bit of truth doesn’t intellectually allow broad brush strokes to paint a scenario totally negative. Or to throw in a trite adage from the past, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole barrel. There is evil to be found in every arena of life – including religion. If we throw the baby out with the bath water, nothing good remains. So it appears to me that a theory that evil people might misuse and abuse their power to subjugate other people is relegated to a status of conspiracy theory if it originates in the Conservative camp, but such a theory coming from Liberals should be considered just plain and simple truth. You can try to play by such rules, but I’m afraid it won’t happen without resistance from me and others who have the intestinal fortitude to make a stand.

Secondly, what is propaganda? One definition is: “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view”. I find it highly ironic and very disconcerting that when a true story movie of Christian nature comes out, critics will pan it as more Christian propaganda. If the individual testimonies of people who have had their lives transformed by an encounter with God are ignored, those who refuse to consider that evidence appear to have their minds already seared as described by the Bible. I can understand how people can be reticent to accept stories from the Bible about people that are thousands of years old. When they reject out of hand the eye witness stories of credible people like Lee Strobel and Josh McDowell, considering their tales of seeking and finding God to be propaganda, I have to ask the question what do Christians have to gain by helping others fimd eternal life. If a tavern downtown was serving free pizza beer on a certain night, ignorant souls would be upset with their friends who knew about the giveaway but didn’t tell them. In the same sense, they would and should be less than happy with Christians who have found the secret to abundant life but refused to share the good news with them. Information cannot be considered propaganda if it is true. You just cannot dismiss truth by dressing it up with the term propaganda. The practice in itself would constitute propaganda.

It is imperative to understand that just because a person embraces an idea that someone is conspiring to manipulate a situation for evil purposes in a particular situation does not make them a conspiracy theorist. There is a difference between a person who told a lie and a pathological liar. There are myriad situations out there which have been labeled conspiracy theories. I reject many of them because of lack of evidence such as the one that the government is trying to hide the fact from us that earth is flat. However there are some I embrace whole heartedly and others that I would consider possible. Does that make me a conspiracy theorist?

You can apply whatever label you want to me, but that does not make it true. In my eyes, I am not a conspiracy theorist nor a spreader of propaganda. I am a truth seeker and a truth revealer. I go where the evidence leads, not where my heart/emotion want to take me. I pray my self assessment is accurate, because we humans sometimes are deluded and have a higher opinion of ourselves than warranted. As a result of my choosing to seek full truth, I find myself clashing with just about every one at some point. People might ask me what side I’m on. I’m on the side of truth, or stated another way, on God’s side. Most people, like Tom Cruise in the movie with Jack Nicholson, can’t handle the truth. Intelligent people judge fellow humans not by their color but by their character, and in doing so need to exercise the same amount of grace they would want others to use in measuring them. Thus every person in considered on an individual basis and not by the demographic group they are lumped with. The same should be true in the world of theories about what is going on in the world. There are cases of white and black in our lives, but most scenarios involve tones of gray, which is a combination of both white and black in differing ratios.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the whole of life is fueled by a conspiracy. In reducing the complexity of life to one general conclusion, the crux of life involves the conspiracy by Satan to keep human beings from finding and embracing their Heavenly Father and thus enjoying a privilege of living with God forever. So, it would not be surprising to discover that most of the conspiracies of men involve the process of suppressing the truth about God.


Bitcoin Mania

If you’re a social media user, you’re no doubt aware of Bitcoin because of the people that reached out to you trying to interest you in investing in that crypto currency (or another one).  I had run across it various times, with my wife even questioning me about whether it would be smart to invest in it (because a relative of hers had recommended it).  So I’ve examined this financial phenomenon a bit (pun intended).  I told her it was economic cotton candy. Let me throw out an S word.  No, it doesn’t have four letters, so you can open your eyes now.  “Speculation.”  Most, if not all, investment is based on speculation about the potential and future worth of something.  When someone buys a stock, they expect the value of it to go up. They actually don’t gain any profit (or loss) until they actually sell that stock. The perceived value of it could fluctuate wildly. The big question to me is whether there is any intrinsic value to that stock. Does it pay dividends on a regular basis? Is the company itself becoming bigger and economically more stable, which may trigger dividends or even a stock split? Those are the things that make a stock valuable to me – not crazy activity based on people’s ideas of how to get rich quick. People who invested in Dot Com companies from 1995 to 2001 found out the hard way that projections of success and value of stock is totally blue sky. There were a lot of people walking around shirtless after that bust. Ironically, I left a job at a Fortune 200 company to work for a Dot Com, to shorten my commute.  After only one day on the job, I quit and luckily got my old job back as if I’d never left. That ill fated company I walked away went broke a few months later and folded like a cheap tent in a hurricane. My idea of staying away from fly-by-night or seat-of-the-pants speculative get-rich-quick schemes was solidified.

Here’s a link to a history of Bitcoin:  I’ll give you a Reader’s Digest version myself.

Bitcoin started with no worth. The first transaction worked out to be one penny per four Bitcoins.  Did it make sense to invest at that time? When you invest, you consider risk vs possible gain. Is the return you stand to make worth the risk of your original investment? I’d have to say yes at that point, even though I’d question how someone could just create a currency out of thin air. If you threw a hundred bucks at something like that, you wouldn’t lose much. A few years later the value was $68,789.00 per Bitcoin. People who got in on the ground floor and kept their bitcoins were in a position to make some serious money. Those who bought at over 68,000 were not so smart or lucky.  Today the value dipped below $19,000.  So if you bought one Bitcoin at its zenith and sold it today, you lost about seventy-three percent of the money you invested. So in an effort to make a quick buck, you shot yourself in your financial foot. To any of my friends thinking of buying it now because it’s low, and sure will go back up again, I would quote Elmer Fudd. “Be vewy vewy cahful!” I might suggest with tongue in cheek that you might as well go to Vegas and play the roulette wheel. Investing in Bitcoin is certainly a gamble. And it’s totally possible that at some time that a Bitcoin won’t be worth a continental. So my gut reaction would be to just say no. If you already purchased Bitcoins at a high price and you’ll lose big if you sell now, I feel sorry for you. You face the dilemma of holding on and perhaps losing even more or biting the bullet and taking your smaller but significant loss now. I’m glad I’m not in your shoes.

But you might get lucky and the value goes way up again as people’s greed and itch to make a quick buck take precedence over common sense. And people will compare Bitcoin to the stock market and proclaim that it always goes back up. If it does, I’d recommend you sell as soon as you can break even.

If I had to make a comparison of Bitcoin to something from history, I’d cite the Tulip Mania phenomenon. If you’re not familiar with that, it was a brief period in history where people thought tulips had extraordinary value and they spent big bucks to obtain them. You can read more about that here:  That insanity lasted about four years. 

What really has worth in this world?  The most valuable substance on earth (and most plentiful) has always been cheap. Water. Without it no one lives. Ditto with food. Permanent shelter is not absolutely necessary for survival in some locales, but it sure does make survival more pleasant. So anything related to getting water and food and maybe shelter would be valuable as well. The rest of the things of the world are luxuries. To me the most sound investment you can make, if you have money lying around, would be land. You can grow food on most pieces of property. If you’re familiar with the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, you might realize that his new threads were invisible, all in his head. The value of Bitcoin derives from the same source. In the heads of people who invented it, market it, and buy it. I can tell you I’m not the first to remark that the emperor is naked.  Here is a blog done from the Christian perspective in which the author elaborates much more on Bitcoin. I hand the mic over to him to drop.

I usually write my own material – but this is far better than anything I could ever drum up from my puny little mind. You can see more from Veronika at



..So Early hours of this morning I was woken by the Holy Spirit with an urgency to pray for President Trump and for the Destiny of the Nation of America,..

…now as I began to pray,..suddenly I heard the Spirit say,…”AMERICA…WATCH!…6..7..9…and 11 WHICH MAKES 33,..FOR I AM A COVENANT KEEPING GOD AND I WILL NOT LEAVE NOR ABANDON THEE”…Ha!! I heard that wee riddle,..I quickly wrote it down and continued to pray,..and then I heard the Spirit of Revelation say these words,…












I have a friend, not an acquaintance but a real life friend, who’s made several movies with me. He seems to have been on the verge of death as he deals with kidney transplant and heart troubles.  I’ve been praying for him daily for over a year now. He recently posted this on Facebook:  “Never forget the liar Donald Trump and his domestic terrorist followers who attacked our Capitol and police officers on January 6th, 2021. We can pray for them. Their dishonor will never be forgotten by the Patriots of the United States.” 

My first reaction was to jump in and vehemently point out some facts to him. However because of his health situation, I don’t want to stress him. Also I don’t believe in arguing with people on their own Facebook wall. It’s acceptable to do that sort of thing in a group or a page, but I believe a person’s wall is their personal space. So I refrained from posting anything. But I can’t just sit by and say nothing after seeing something like this, which actually boggles my mind. Some have said that the January 6th coup (I can’t believe they use that word coup) was the greatest threat to democracy in America ever. Well, they might be right. However, let’s put on our thinking caps here. If the coup was really staged, as some people suggest, and protestors were invited by police to enter the Capitol then we are facing a diabolical plot to take out the conservative element from society. If someone would have made a movie about this years ago, it would have been a blockbuster. It’s funny that when we watch a detective movie we are very suspicious of all parties knowing that facts and evidence can be tampered with and manufactured. We are skeptical about the motives of people because we know they can be corrupt and dishonest. But when it comes to real life, we try to cast away our skepticism and accept that people for the most part are honest and really care about mankind. And we certainly don’t want to think our government could be involved in not just a stealing of an election, but a stealing of our very freedoms in that process.  

I’d like to ask my friend about his use of the words “domestic terrorists.” Our world has seen terrorists in action. They shoot up a church or blow up a restaurant or police station or other public venue. Mass carnage results from their activism. On January 6th, people were wandering around the Capitol taking selfies and chanting slogans. It is claimed that seven people died as a result of the insurrection. Three of those were Trump supporters who had heart attacks. One was a Trump supporter who died of an overdose. One was a policeman who was reportedly hit over the head with a fire extinguisher among other stories. Finally it was reported that he too had succumbed to natural causes after suffering two strokes. The only person actually killed by someone else was a female Trump supporter fatally shot after just entering the Capitol. Two other police officers died by suicide after that fateful day. When I hear the term suicide now in such situations, I can’t help but wonder if those people knew too much and had to be eliminated before they talked. It seems that coroners can determine that suicide is the cause of death in the most unusual situations. Take for instance Jeffrey Epstein. Wasn’t it a big coincidence that the camera in his cell just happened to not be working at the time he supposedly did himself in? How about the latest suicide in the political realm? It was a guy who hung himself and then shot himself in the chest. That’s quite a trick. There is a reason why people who know things and say things are declaring in public that they are not suicidal. How come these terrorists, who are so fond of firearms, were not in possession of them nor used any during their terrorist attack? And the pressing question is why have these people not been given the speedy trial that our laws promise? Many have been incarcerated for a longer period of time without a trial than actual criminals receive after being found guilty of a crime. I’d also like to ask my friend why recent murderers have been out on the streets days after being arrested. And why rioters from Antifa and BLM were either ignored or arrested and then released after destroying beaucoup dollars of property. Shoplifting is not even a prosecuted crime in some areas at this time. So why are these alleged trespassing terrorists still in jail? Is it possible that we now have two standards for judgment: one for conservatives/Republicans and another for everyone else? One man reported cited in this article has been incarcerated for 253 days on two misdemeanor charges. You can read what he had to say here:

I might also question my friend about the use of the term “patriot.”  I saw a meme the other day that sums up how I feel about it. The meme read something like “A patriot is not one who gives blind allegiance to the government but fights to preserve the basic tenets and principles of democracy.” Our country has endured as a nation because we did not fall into the trap that many third world countries have of putting political interests ahead of our nation’s interest. People genuinely cared what was best for America. It appears that is no longer the case.

We watched how political prisoners were taken in the Soviet Union and China and other communist countries as we grew up. Never did we even consider that such a situation could ever happen in America, but we are seeing that play out right in front of our eyes. How can that be possible? Our finding fathers built checks and balances into our system to prevent such a hostile takeover of freedom. But somehow the reigning powers bypassed those safeguards, perhaps basically because the people who stood in their way were bribed, intimidated or eliminated in some fashion. In any case, what is the end game of these people? Reduction of the earth’s population to avoid overpopulation, especially a population that will pollute the planet through carbon consumption? Maybe. I don’t believe that is the primary goal of the puppet master. The end game is to remove Jesus Christ from planet earth, and perhaps ultimately even the concept of God. Along with that objective is the destruction of the moral code that has guided the denizens of the earth for millenniums. The family unit, as we know it, would ultimately have to be done away with. Let me put it in a way that most people will understand. Our world will be like a school playground where the bullies are unimpeded by teachers or police. It would be hell on earth. But we Christians should not be surprised since the great Tribulation is spoken of in scripture. The sad thing is that my friend, along with many other Christians, have no clue what is unfolding as they jump on the bandwagon that would hasten the demise of those standing in the way of an elitist government that cares diddly squat about the people but seeks only to serve themselves, and in so doing serve their real puppet master, that master illusionist nicknamed Satan. The Bible says that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. People who are truly “woke” understand that he aims to destroy the work of Jesus. This sermon from Jentezen Franklin sums up exactly how that will play out:

            I felt compelled to make a feature film about this stuff before the election, spelling out everything that was going to happen if Trump did not regain the presidency in 2020. I wish I’d been totally wrong in my assessment, but I pretty much hit every nail on the head. You can watch that film for free at  I just invited my friend to watch it and pray afterwards.

Censorship for Dummies

One of the raging debates in our country deals with censorship. If that controversy was not prominent enough after the banning by Twitter of President Trump, Mike Lindell and other prominent folks, Elon Musk has refocused the spotlight to illuminate that situation. When faced with the question whether I believe in censorship or not, my first impulse would be to say no. A free democratic society cannot survive in an environment where information and opinions are suppressed by those in power. With that said, I must point out that freedom of speech has always been limited, even in America. However those limitations were not based upon politics or power but upon common sense. The classic example of such a limitation was the yelling of fire when there was none in a crowded theater or other such venue where panic could ensue accompanied by injury or death as a result. Another example is situation where lies are used to defame a person’s character and reputation. Another situation that I can think of is in the case of dangerous sharing of information such as posting a YouTube video on how to assemble a home made bomb or a blog entry listing credit card or bank account numbers for people. There is a place called the Dark Web where such information is exchanged. Rhetoric calling for murdering and pillaging would also not be something that should be protected by the First Amendment. So censorship of sorts does have a place in society, but it must be done very strategically. 

First of all liberals would argue that partisan censorship is not taking place. I’d go out on a limb with an observation that there is more evidence to such censorship than for “global warming”, oops I mean “climate change.” If we flipped the script and liberal posters were kicked off of Twitter and other social platforms for advocating abortion, vaccines, encouraging kids to change their gender, experiment with homosexuality or start an after school Satanist club, do you think they’d claim “Foul?”  I can tell you they’d scream bloody murder. In examining our political/social situation, I somehow feel like I’m watching an Alabama/Auburn football game. Both sides will claim the refs are screwing them over and are obviously partisan. It is impossible for them to watch the game through impartial eyes. I see that there are individuals in both camps of this liberals versus conservatives showdown that are unreasonable and bereft of common sense, logic, and compassion. I try to take a more sensible approach and weigh and judge each situation on its own merit and not lump every idea into being right or wrong based on which group is advocating it. I try to take the middle ground where possible and prudent.

When one group is trying to silence another one through censorship, freedom is threatened. I truly would love to see Roe vs Wade repealed, but I don’t advocate shutting down protestors who want to see it continue. However, such protests should be done in a peaceful and civil manner. When two sides are having a “discussion” and one side resorts to name calling and f-bombs, even if they speak truth, it won’t be received very well by other parties. The winning of people’s minds and hearts is not accomplished by gutter rat strategies. I strongly question their methods but I defend their right to have differing opinions. As people used to quote back in my youth, “I don’t agree with what you’re saying, but I’ll defend to the death, your right to say it.” That attitude seems to be rare today.

I just read that GoFundMe pulled the plug on a campaign for a young boy who was supposedly damaged by a reaction to the Covid vaccine. In the mind of those who toe the line with the medical mafia, there can be no suggestion that the vaccines are not perfectly safe. Wow! Talk about a recipe for disaster. Let me bring up a drug from the past. It was called Thalidomide and was used for treating morning sickness. So we had a medicine that prevented pregnant women from puking, which was approved by the FDA. All of a sudden women started delivering babies without arms and other body parts. If censorship had been in place, no one would have realized what was going on so that the drug could have been taken off the market. Fortunately, people were free to share their concerns and history with Thalidomide and it is now just part of history. Well, kind of. The drug is still sold under another name, but it’s now used for treating a skin condition and cancer. I sure hope they warn pregnant women not to use it. The problem with rushing out medicines and vaccines is that there are no long range tests done. What happens over time and what combinations of drugs will cause bigger problems? That is the kind of information that must be shared with people. If problems are shoved under the rug like dust, we have the environment for a huge disaster.

I totally get that people were and are worried about Covid. If vaccines and masks and social distancing would save the human race from a virus induced pandemic, I can understand the desires to censor those who would question such practices. Stupidity has to be eradicated along with the virus, right? But let’s look at the flip side of that coin. If the claims of some are true and the virus was created by man, perhaps for the purpose of reducing the population of the earth, censoring those presenting evidence to that conspiracy would be helping the bad guys win and perhaps allowing the death of perhaps billions of people. In both scenarios the survival of the people of the earth is at stake. Which scenario is the real threat? One of my pet phrases characterizing human motivation is “Follow the money.” Are the people who stand and speak out against vaccination and lockdowns profiting from their stand? In many cases, they forfeit their jobs for their outspokenness. On the other hand there are some people poised to reap a great harvest from this situation – read Big Pharma here. I would point out that there is a convention where 17,000 doctors and scientists are meeting to discuss bringing truth back to science. None of the main stream media is reporting on that, as far as I can tell. The media likes us to think that the resistance against the vaccines etc. is limited to ignorant peasants. Rather like the situation with the theory of evolution where many scientists disbelieve Darwin’s theory but are ignored and censored themselves. If 17,000 medical people are questioning this stuff, it seems to me that we should pay close attention. Here is a link to a story about that summit:  And here’s another from Charisma Magazine:  Unfortunately Charisma accuses Google of not allowing the story about this summit to show up on page one. We need to be careful not to become Chicken Littles and claim censorship when none is present. First of all you have to understand how Search Engines work. I searched by “Global Covid Summit” and it did not come up on the first page because there is another Global Covid Summit involving Biden and the United Nations which took precedence in the search order. I added 17,000 to my search criteria and the one by the protesting doctors was not only on the first page but the very first item in the list. Search Engine priority is a topic for another discussion, but suffice it to say that people actually have jobs optimizing their company’s website placement. This is not a true example of censorship.

Our Federal government recently attempted to establish a department of truth. Fortunately the outcry at such a move squelched the plans to muzzle the people. It’s bad enough that social media outlets and news agencies would suppress free speech, but when government officials get involved in such a practice, they risk breaking their oath to defend and preserve the Constitution. It seems such an oath these days is like a sports star or coach signing a contract. They only seem to adhere to the contract when it’s advantageous for them. One way that these corrupt individuals handle censorship is through enacting “hate crimes” guidelines. They claim that a Christian explaining that homosexuality and abortion are sins is pure hatred in action. Ditto on a Christian saying that Islam is a false religion. The Bible is considered to contain hate speech, and no doubt there will be those who try to ban it in the future. Ironically, I wrote a short story many years ago about a dude smuggling bibles from Russia into the United States. Little did I know that might have been prophetic in nature. That can only happen if we allow the censorship to persist and to strengthen.

My first big brush with censorship was when Vimeo, the platform I had chosen to stream my movie Hearts are Trump on, informed me that it was being taken down because it violated their community standards. Mr. Trump is just a lightning rod for discrimination.  I just suffered perhaps my most frustrating attack of censorship on Facebook, not by Facebook officials but by fellow Christian filmmakers. I found a post that explained how Donald Trump’s digital organization was going to create a new streaming platforms for movies and that they were looking for some people to build it. This is the kind of information that filmmakers should eat up. We are always looking for new venues for our films. However there was one gotcha on this news. The guy behind the scenes was Mr. Maga. Immediately a couple of guys jumped on to comment that Donald Trump was the antithesis of a Christian and my post did not belong on the Christian Filmmakers forum. A few other guys jumped in to rebut their Trump Derangement Syndrome commentary. The rhetoric was not exactly friendly. I held off responding, thinking I’d write a blog post about it and share that link. Next thing I know the post is gone, and I’ve been suspended from posting in the group. I reached out to complain to the admin, who happened to be a Facebook friend of mine. He failed to acknowledge that my post was valid and did not unsuspend me. He said all posts have to be Christian and dealing with film. For the life of me, I cannot see how a post about a new streaming site, one that would be a family friendly alternative to Netflix and Disney, was off topic and worthy of getting me suspended without even a notification. 

            I just posted a meme on social media. It says, “The greatest weapon is not a gun or a bomb. It is the control of information. To control the world’s information is to manipulate all the minds that consume it.” That’s scary in light of the obvious attempts to control the narrative by certain parties. The world needs to be vigilant so they never ever allow a small group of people to become our puppet masters. And that means we must shake off the shackles of unreasonable censorship. Could we not allow a free flow of information so intelligent people can carefully and prayerfully study the evidence to arrive at their own conclusions? Instead some are trying to keep people in the dark “for their own good”, putting them at the mercy of the gatekeepers of information.  

Spiritual Warfare

            I always wanted to be a lover, not a fighter. But today I find that those who truly love are warriors on behalf of those they love. And I seemed to be embroiled in nonstop warfare. Unfortunately those who are vigilant in watching walls, discerning and speaking truth, and standing up to those who promote the enemy’s agenda don’t receive a whole lot of love for their efforts. The favorite scripture verse of some is “If God be for you, who can be against you.” Well, the answer is everyone who hates God and even some who don’t. That passage simply means that it doesn’t matter who is against you if God is on your side. His one vote (or does He get 3?) outnumbers any number of detractors.

Sixteen years ago my life radically changed. Back then, I was just a typical workaholic computer programmer who was really good at playing church. I worked my butt off all week long and then on Sundays, I sang in the choir, or greeted, or was part of the drama team, or served as an usher at my non denominational church. We had four services at the church, so usually if I was on duty, I had to be at all four services. I thought I was fighting the good fight. Little did I know what the good fight actually entailed.  My opinion on things such as abortion and homosexuality was that I didn’t like them, but it wasn’t my place to voice my opinion to others. Boy has that situation changed!

            In 2006 I was aroused from slumber by the sensation that I’d heard a voice (or dreamed I heard a voice) say “Write a book about evolution.” It was exactly 2:00 AM. I was not a writer nor knew squat about evolution, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning when I awoke, the memory of that experience was so strong in my memory that I asked God if he had asked me to write a book about evolution during the night. I did not expect an answer, but just as clear as a bell, an inaudible voice went through my head telling me, “And when you’re done with that, I want you to go after Harry Potter and the sexual revolution.” And that began my writing endeavors, which led to movie production seven years later.

            As I continued to write, it became clear to me that there was a pattern to those three areas that God called me to combat. I realized that the devil had specific plans on how to corrupt the human race and turn them away from their Creator. I have no idea how such a rudimentary truth had escaped my consciousness. Have you ever watched a football game where one coach didn’t have a game plan? And football coaches are not nearly as astute as the enemy of our souls. I tried to incorporate into my writings scenarios that would reveal this plan to my readers and movie viewers. Unfortunately not many have seen my materials at this time.

            I’d always been one of those friendly guys who tried to get along with everybody. However, that modus operandi seems to be at odds with my calling. I know we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities. However we must recognize that humans are unwitting accomplices in the snares of the devil. I cannot spend my days on earth trying to placate those who fail to see the battle at hand. If you have not read the book by Rick Joyner entitled The Final Quest, I urge you to read it. It depicts those who are waging spiritual warfare as being the targets of fellow Christians. And I have experienced that one personally. Those who deal with spiritual warfare will be put down by some other Christians in more enemy inspired activity.

            As I labored in the writing and film environments, it became evident that many people were playing the church games that I contented myself with in the past. They wrote quote unquote Christian materials that were mere fluff. This might involve a novel where the main focus is romance or a mystery where one of the characters at one time mentioned God in passing. This is considered Christian fiction when in essence it is just the typical escape literature of the secular world with a Christian veneer. I realized that many of the people I was rubbing shoulders with were mostly concerned with their success in the industry than in producing the content God requires to help destroy the works of the devil.

            Yesterday I watched a movie that was created partially through the efforts of several Facebook friends/acquaintances. The movie was supposed to be funny, but I found it over the top ridiculous. I asked myself how Jesus and His father were glorified in any sense. The main characters arrived at the conclusion that they needed to love their spouses better. That was apparently supposed to be the redemptive element in the movie that justified all of the slapstick cotton candy. Jesus played a very small part in the story. There is nothing wrong with making people laugh. The Bible says that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. However Jesus certainly was no standup comedian. He even cautioned people to be sober and vigilant. It’s good that people want to create content that is family friendly, but maybe we should be a bit more discerning what we label as being Christian in nature.

            I’m calling upon all media people to recognize that their work is of little consequence unless it fulfills the will of the Father. Helping people to escape reality through fiction is counterproductive. My goal as a writer has not been to help people flee to a safe place of make-believe but rather to learn how to cope with reality and to realize the Father’s will for their lives. We are in need of watchmen on the walls who cry out when the enemy approaches our cities, so that we might rally our defenses to the cause. If I lose a few supposed friends because they think my alerts to the presence of the enemy is delusional thinking, then so be it. Jesus has commended us to love our fellow man, but he never stated that we had to hang out with them or allow them to sabotage our calling because they don’t understand its importance. We need people who will expose the lies of the enemy and call a spade a spade. We Christians have been dancing on eggshells for too long. Our language needs to be direct, precise, insightful but yet delivered in a loving manner. I know that is a difficult thing to do. How does one wage warfare in a loving manner? I guess the secret is that our personal animosity has to be directed at the devil and his plans, and our compassion and desire that all men and women might be saved has to be infused into our efforts to halt the work of people who would flood our society with depravity while advancing the plans of the devil to destroy the church as well as freedom.

            This type of activity must be done in a selfless manner. If we are striving to receive Medals of Honor here on Earth or even in Heaven, our efforts will be tainted by the ego’s never ending campaign to be stroked. We can’t seek to hobnob with the rich and famous so we feel good about who we are and who we know. The only one that we should be excited about knowing is Jesus Christ. The good-old-boy system is not acceptable in God’s army. If your first question about an endeavor is “will this activity enhance my status in the world and perhaps financial profit”, then I think you’re misguided. The Bible makes it very clear that we are not to exalt ourselves but rather to humble ourselves. And then God will be in charge of the award ceremony where those who have been faithful to Him will be exalted. I’m convinced that many of those will be people whose name was known to only a small group of people.

            I got my first glimpse of the state of things when I went to a Christian film festival. An organization named Gospel for Asia had a table on which they had several books they were giving away for free. The activity around that table was almost nonexistent. I took several of the books with the blessing of the attendant at the table. Everyone else seemed to be all about headshots and acting roles and raising money for film shoots and getting in good with the right people. I understand that a certain amount of that is necessary but should not have been the main focus. The problem with creative media is that people consider it sexy and cool, and they strive to push the envelope of that coolness. To me, movies, television, music, and books are tools that help accomplish the mission. The term Christian celebrity to me is an oxymoron. We must quit idolizing those Christians who are in the public eye such as entertainers, politicians, and even pastors. The Bible says that God is not a respecter of persons. That makes no sense in the light of the fact that God supposedly loves everybody if you consider persons to be individuals. However I’m convinced that the word persons here means the status/station of the individual involved. God is not impressed with titles, awards, etc, but with what is in your heart.  My advice to those who need it is “quit playing church, quit playing celebrity, and quit playing God!”  

When I first got into the business of fighting for truth, I ran across a pastor on social media who listed all of the TV shows that he watched regularly. I kind of let him have it with both barrels suggesting if he was truly a pastor, he wouldn’t have time to watch all of those shows (not to mention some were not exactly Godly in nature). I now strive to not exhort individuals with rhetoric such as this. I feel this is truth that people need to embrace, but I present it to a general audience such as in this blog post and not to individuals since that could be construed as judgment and rejected as a personal attack. Every man is supposed to judge himself, but righteous judgment is impossible if relevant evidence is ignored. I just lay out what I consider to be the truth, and let them that have ears to hear, hear.

Last night I ran across a movie on YouTube Movies entitled The Healer. Since supernatural healing is one of my primary interests, that title grabbed my attention, and I started playing the video. In the first scene, the protagonist is caught in the bedroom of a married woman by her husband. The producers play it off in comedic fashion as the interloper explains how he has just installed a cable TV package that gives the hubbie (a gift from his wife) a zillion channels, including some special packages. The man ends up thanking his wife for giving him such a special gift. I pondered the fact that the main dude has just committed adultery, and it’s been treated as a joke. I paused the movie and perused some of the comments. Enough people mentioned that I got the idea this was a redemptive film where the lost hero finds the way that leads to eternal life. So I started the movie back up.  

After finishing the movie, I was in a bit of shock. The redemptive catharsis that I longed for never materialized. One of the last scenes finds the hero in bed with an unmarried woman. What struck me at the time is that many people would categorize The Healer as a faith based film. And I realized that faith based and Christian are not synonymous terms. There was faith involved in the movie, faith that God exists and that Heaven awaits for those who believe that he does. Ironically, the Bible says even the demons believe in God and they tremble. But you won’t find them going to Heaven. Just mentioning God is not only insufficient to show people the way, but could entice them into accepting dangerous truths. In this movie, the guy was gifted with healing, however chose not to accept the gift because he didn’t want to be inconvenienced. I actually became incensed at his selfishness and yelled at the computer screen. I almost turned the movie off again, but I continued. The only interaction the guy had with God is when he went into a Catholic church and starting yelling at God, telling him He was perverse because he allowed 14-year-old girls to get cancer. And then he ordered the Creator of the Universe to give him back the healing gift. And sure enough, the jerk’s power to heal was restored. I have no problem with a child of God venting with their Heavenly Father. Hearing a non-believer ream Him out and command Him to do the bidding of a wretchedly flawed human made my blood run cold.

What’s dangerous about this film is that on the surface it appears to be a wholesome story. However in our world there are counterfeit miracles, including healing, which could almost lead astray even the very elect, according to scripture. One of the greatest strategies in the tool belt of the Apostles involved divine healing. People’s attention is arrested when they experience a miraculous reversal of threatening medical conditions. The devil is no dummy. He realizes that this makes the perfect bait for a human trap, and many have been set. This movie basically taught that healing without having the name of Jesus invoked is perfectly acceptable and healthy. Instead of bringing glory to God, this movie demeaned Him. Despite the professional qualities of the filmmaking, the creators of this movie have introduced toxicity in the name of “the big guy in the sky.”  And their creative entrée tries to lead us to desert the Holy and all powerful God in the name of happiness and success and all powerful humanity. Our age has been made receptive by the New Age to embrace the doctrines of demons as gospel truth. Movies and books are great vehicles for dispensing truth. They also are very effective as disseminating deception. I strongly urge and exhort you to recognize that there is a battle for your mind and spirit. It is your duty to be vigilant to ensure that the great deceiver does not make you one of his victims. And please, don’t underestimate the power of a movie.

We live in a world where dishonesty abounds. Scam artists, con men, and flim-flam operators don’t just dot the landscape, but dominate it. Unethical “professionals” and corrupt politicians add to the dilemma. Diogenes’ search for an honest man would be more daunting today than it was in his own time. I understand how dishonesty can often appear to let us get ahead in life, but does tainted success really constitute triumph?  I don’t think so. Let me quote another Greek from the past, the politician Demosthenes.  He said, “For from the very first, I chose the straight and honest path in public life: I chose to foster the honor, the supremacy, the good name of my country, to seek to enhance them, and to stand or fall with them.” I choose the same. I think all of us need to ask ourselves if we want to live in a world where we can’t trust anyone. If the answer is no, then we need examine ourselves to see if we’re being totally honest with the world and true to the golden rule. Are we doing onto others as we would want done onto us?  At that point we need to apply those principles to begin to bring the change that we want to see in the world. Honesty is not the best policy; it’s the only policy for a moral being. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom.”  

If Jefferson’s advice is not weighty enough for you, let me run a few more relevant quotes by you. Here’s one by the great bard himself, William Shakespeare: “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” Perhaps you wish for something more contemporary than the 17th century. How about motivational speaker Zig Ziglar? “Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life – all areas of life. The really good news is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity.” So some of you might request something from someone who is alive. How about superlative golfer, Tiger Woods? “Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter.”

I believe that honesty is a bedrock or perhaps a foundational pillar of an intelligent society. With a critical absence of this quality among so many, especially media and government, our society is in peril of collapsing into chaos. What can you do about it? First of all be the change you want to see in the world. Be honest yourself and then look outward into helping others to stay honest by keeping them accountable.

A lot of you rejoiced when you heard a so called whistle blower was performing a little ditty concerning Facebook. You thought it was high time that bastion of liberal ideology and election meddling was taken down a few pegs. I know I did. However in listening to some of her testimony before the Senate, it dawned on me that she really didn’t have much insider information that she was spilling about this tech giant. She basically was spouting opinion about the effects of Facebook allowing people to spew their hatred and undermine and destabilize democracies with their venom and misinformation. She certainly is not championing the causes of free speech. In fact, she seems to be providing the government with incentive to give Facebook approval for muzzling conservative voices even more. And Facebook make the obligatory objection to her testimony indicating she was only with the company for under two years and never held a position where she made decisions. Reminds me of a line from Shakespeare about the lady doth protest too much.

I think the whistle blowing and the objection to it are both bogus. This has the odor of a carefully contrived plan to further silence any dissenting information or opinions against Big Brother. Face it, folks. Most of us have no voice outside of social media. If our warnings and alarms of potential government overreach and violations of the very Constitution they have sworn to uphold are squelched, the march toward totalitarian government can continue unabated until the end game is won. One might argue that our individual voices are not that important anyway since our sphere of influence is insignificant. That is probably true for most individuals. However there are voices that reach and influence millions. They utilize the airwaves as well as social media to reach their audience. And people like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh while he was alive, Dan Bongino, and Ben Shapiro keep the flame of resistance lit. Fox News, OANN, and NewsMax provide news coverage of stories that are ignored or spun in partisan fashion by the other major networks. And some rogue social media outlets like Gab and Parler allow fellow truth seekers to remain connected. It is very obvious that those outlets have to be shut down if the total unity of our country is to be declared by the progressive party. When you see those voices silenced, you’ll know that the end is near. And at that point, only the hand of God will be able to preserve the America that we of the Boomer generation were born into.

Ironically if that happens, the USA will become much like the Nazi Germany that Americans helped defeat to preserve the freedom of the world. And unfortunately, as we face this challenge to our democratic way of life, the same battle rages in other parts of the world as well. The conspiracy theory that some despicable people are trying to establish a world government suddenly seems much less like science fiction and more of a possibility. Let me assure you, the path to that outcome will be strewn with intricate plots to deceive the people who might stand in the way. And after deception is no longer needed, then violent action will be unleashed to eliminate the threats to total power and even worship by the masses. Let’s not be naïve and fall for the tricks and relentlessly keep people as accountable and transparent as possible.

The proverbial “stuff” has hit the fan once again. Sports pundits, both professional and the armchair type, have come out of the woodwork after Tim Tebow signed a contract with the Jacksonville Jaquars to play tight end, a position he really has never played in his life. Athletic talking heads make good money to rant and rave about the events in the sporting world. They are usually showmen, catering to the sensational and reveling in the controversy they can stir up with their often off-the-wall and caustic comments. However I don’t get the feeling that those spouting vitriol in this situation are trying to improve their ratings. Their dislike for Mr. Tebow himself and his surprising opportunity appears to be more deep-seated and over-the-top than warranted, even by yellow journalism standards.  

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised to hear of Tebow’s return to football. Frankly, I was miffed that his career ended when it did. Yeah, I realize that he was not the pure thrower that NFL teams relish. However, must I point out that quarterbacks are not paid to throw perfectly tight spirals that break receiver’s fingers and to rack up pinball machine like stats with their completion numbers? Those things are definitely relevant statistics, but the bottom line is that quarterbacks are paid to lead their teams to victory, even if they don’t look pretty doing it. Won-loss records do not have style points assigned to them. Tim Tebow had a memorable stretch of games at Denver, winning six straight and making the playoffs, culminating in a long touchdown pass in overtime to win the first playoff game. In order to refresh my memory, I just went out on Youtube and watched a video chronicling that miracle season for the Broncos. I had forgotten how dramatic most of those victories had been. Wondrous enough that the M word might be mentioned: miracle.

Tebow seemed to be very mediocre or even inept for much of the first three quarters of those games, but then in the fourth quarter, and especially in the waning moments of the game, led his team to scores and victories. It was at that time the idea first entered my brain that God had raised Tebow up to testify to the world of His existence and power. I’m not sure Tim was the first, but others followed. LinSanity struck for one year but then faded away. Nick Foles, Benjamin Watson, Dabo Sweeney, Patrick Mahomes and others have followed. It seemed like a pattern that God would raise up a sports figure for a season and then the divine touch would seemingly lift and someone else would be chosen to be His spokesman on and off the athletic venues. Tebow’s popularity with believers has never waned because of his boldness for Christ. Although he was gone from the major stages of sport, his name never left the sports pages because of his work in television announcing and his attempt to establish a baseball career. Is it possible that Tebow Mania could return to the sporting world? The potential is certainly there. The day after he signed a contract, his new 85 Jaguar jersey became the best selling sports jersey on the market. What is obvious is that Tebow Derangement Syndrome is stronger than ever.

Many young quarterbacks are given time to hone their skills. Tebow was thrust onto the field perhaps before he was truly ready for the big stage. It was said that his greatest asset was his faith in himself. I think perhaps that assessment was off base. Could it be his trust was actually in the same God who enabled a young shepherd boy to bring down a giant with a sling and a stone? In a baffling to me move, the Broncos released Tebow after that miracle season. And his attempts to stick with another team didn’t pan out. Had God’s mantle been removed from him? I couldn’t understand it. Every team in the league has a backup quarterback (and usually two of them) whose main duty is holding the clipboard and signaling in plays or fake plays from the sideline. And being ready to enter a game at a moment’s notice if the first stringer went down. Many of them were guys who just didn’t have the right stuff to be a starting quarterback. And some of the quarterbacks that were starting also struggled to get their teams to the playoff. Tebow had shown he could do it – but he was dropped from the league. Why? Was it perhaps because he was a lightning rod for controversy? Was his habit of bowing one knee in the end zone and praying that distasteful to NFL fans, coaches, and owners? Frankly if anyone has a grasp on the nature of evil, that person will understand the depth of hatred of wickedness for goodness. When demons are confronted by the Spirit of God, they manifest. Is that what we witnessed?

We have just observed such an outpouring of loathing in the last five years with Donald Trump. I have analyzed that situation and see no rational reason for such intense hatred. DJT was a man who had no chance of becoming president. Yet he won the job and conducted the office in such a fashion that caused many people to think that God had to have been involved. But Trump was drummed out of the Oval Office, supposedly by voters who hated his guts, despite his efforts to make government about the people and the nation and not about abusing power to make personal fortunes and advancing dubious agendas. 

When the talk of Tebow potentially taking advantage of the hiring of his old college football coach by the Jacksonville Jaguars first hit the streets, the disdain appeared. After he actually signed a contract, the floodgates of criticism were opened up. People were incensed that he was getting a chance to make an NFL team because he doesn’t have the talent. He was just taking advantage of his white privilege. Bottom line, it was evident Tebow was not an accurate thrower on a consistent basis. But it was also evident that he was a football player. I defy you to watch the highlights of the 2011 season and tell me that he was not an athlete. He ran around and through many wannabe tacklers in his quest to take the Broncos to the playoffs. The idea that he could play tight end in the NFL seems ludicrous to his naysayers. He might get a rare chance to throw a pass, but he has to block and catch passes in order to play the position. Does he have the size? Yes. The athleticism? It appears so. Then why are people all bent out of shape just because he gets to report to camp and attempt to win a position? Are they jealous? Or is this a spirit of the age manifesting its hatred for one anointed by God?

Let me point out that while seemingly everyone in the sporting world who has access to a microphone has opined on this topic, one way or another, there is one who has remained silent. Tebow himself has not even broached the subject. His Twitter feed mentions nothing about sports in the recent weeks. His tweets involve scripture verses and the fight against sexual trafficking. Can’t the world just let this whole controversy play out on the football field? If Tebow is not good enough to help the Jaguars win, even the coach who has been like his father and who lives three houses from him will not retain him on the roster. End of story. There are countless numbers of wannabe NFL players who strut and fret their fifteen minutes on the NFL stage every year until the grim reaper visits their room and issues the pink slip. No one derides them for their attempt to play the game they love and to make a living at it. Why is Tebow being singled out for such abuse? It’s not natural. To perhaps give you some insight, let me quote someone, not sure who it was but it sounded a lot like Colin Cowherd. The voice on the video said, ” I rooted against Tebow to some degree because I was so sick of the faith based knuckleheads because they were ridiculous. They were blinded by his faith.”  

Now let me cause the frothing at the mouth to begin. I’m going to say something here that will cause knee jerk reactions on both sides of the controversy. I’ve already pointed out that Tebow and Trump both had seasons in the sun and that those times came and went. But what happens if Tebow not only makes the 53 man roster for the Jaguars, but catches touchdown passes, perhaps in waning moments to win games and helps the Jags go from a one win team to the playoffs? What if some of those plays he is involved in seem miraculous? Will the haters swallow their crow and wash it down with a bottle of pickle juice? I doubt it. They will probably redouble their efforts to discredit the young man who has done nothing to receive such treatment, except be the kind of Godly man that causes demons to gnash their teeth and shameful men to feel guilty because they fall short. And what if Donald Trump is proven to be the rightful winner of the 2020 election and reinstalled in the White House? Are these two men possibly on a parallel course, perhaps symbolic of the soon return of Jesus Christ to the earth for His comeback tour? I do have to mention the fact that Tebow is 33 years old, the same age that Jesus was when He went to the cross to rescue mankind from their sin. I’m not claiming that is of particular importance, but could it be possible that the Creator of the universe is also adept as writing the script for the greatest stories ever told and that Tebow and Trump both are shadows for what is to come? Just saying. Let him who has ears to hear, hear. Call me crazy, but perhaps you should wait until both situations play out before you utter something that will embarrass you.